Beach Lifehacks for Summer 2017 + RETRO INSPIRED BIKINIS!

Beach Lifehacks for Summer 2017 + RETRO INSPIRED BIKINIS!
Beach Lifehacks for Summer 2017 + RETRO INSPIRED BIKINIS!

Summer is upon is. Now is the time for beach lifehacks and sexy pin-up bikinis! Here are some of our favorite hacks for fun in the sun.

Who doesn’t love a good lifehack? Now that summer is here, it’s time to find your cutest rockabilly bikini, grab a beach towel, sneak in a few mimosa’s, and get ready for hit the waves. We are looking at some of our favorite beach lifehacks to keep you feeling free and having fun during your fun in the sun.


Everyone has done it. You head to the beach and its beautiful white sand for miles and miles. Only, you’re not sure where to put your keys, your cell phone, or anything else you couldn’t leave back in the car. The solution? Easy! Clean out an old bottle of lotion or sunscreen and use it to stash your belongings into while you’re taking a dip!


You can’t head to the beach without your cell phone. How else will you be able to get those ocean blue beach selfies? But, as you might know, cell phones and water notoriously do not mix. So bring along a sealable plastic freezer bag to zip your phone into. This will help protect it from water damage.


Ever notice how when you’re ready to leave the beach, it never seems ready to leave you? Sandy skin is the worst, especially when it follows you into your car! Combat sandy crevices by doing a quick “baby powder” bath once you’re done in the sun. Baby powder will get the sand off your skin no sweat!


One last beach essential? Swimsuits! We’ve got an amazing selection of pin up bikinis and one-piece rockabilly swimsuits to choose from. Bask in our sexy cuts and vintage-inspired prints. Our swimsuits make you feel confident and sexy as every pin up princess should. Check them out here!

Easy Rockabilly Hairstyles for Summer

rockabilly hairstyles
Easy rockabilly hairstyles that are perfect for Summer 2017 

Is it any wonder why people love rockabilly hairstyles so much? With styles ranging from the 40s to the 60s, there’s plenty of trends to choose from – and they never go out of style!

Take rockabilly hairstyles, for example. When it comes to doing rockabilly hairstyles, you know that your hair is your thing. That’s why choosing the right one is so important. Styles range from intricate to an easy 5-minute morning hairdo and then it’s out the door! Check out our favorite rockabilly hairstyles for Summer 2017.

Simple, Pretty, Versatile: Braids

Braids are a punk rock favorite. What other rockabilly hairstyle can take you around the world? There’s Dutch braids, French braids, and of course, three strands! Use your braid as a base for a sexy fauxhawk, a base for overnight boho beach waves, or go intricately pin up girl as seen above!

5-Minute Rockabilly Hairstyles: Bumper Bangs

During the war, ladies in the 1940s and 50s were suited up to do the jobs the military men left behind – Working in factories! This meant getting creative with rockabilly hairstyles while managing to keep their bangs out of their eyes.

Thus, the bumper bangs were born! This rockabilly hairstyle couldn’t be simpler to do, as shown above! Wear this look with your hair down and curled, or keep it casual by throwing it up in a high ponytail with a rockabilly bandana.

This is a great 5-minute hairstyle that will get you from the vanity mirror to your pin-up sock hop in no time flat – looking fabulous!

Rockabilly Hairstyles for Men: The Pompadour

For all our fellah’s looking for rockabilly hairstyles for men, you’re in luck. Pompadours were all the rage in the 50s and 60s. All you’ll need to pull this look off is a teasing comb and some hairspray. Watch the video above and voila! Watch the pin up girls roll in.

Be sure to check out our rockabilly hair accessories to make your rockabilly hairstyles stand out with even more pin up girl glory!