Hilarious 1950s ads – Vintage ads showing off questionable thinking

If you thought the rockabilly era of the 50’s was all about music and pinup girls, think again. These 1950s ads show a hilarious/disturbing look into advertising minds of the time!

When you picture the 1950’s, do you get visions of sexy pinup girls, greaser boys, fabulous style, silly sock hops, and couples sharing ice cream floats while the birth of boogie rock and roll plays in the background? Well, that’s one way to look at it. But these 1950’s ads show a different side of life… and you’re not going to like it! If these 1950s ads don’t have you scratching your head or yelling “What were they thinking?!” then we don’t know what will. Without further ado, here are some of our favorite, sexist, and shockingly bad ads from the golden age.

1950s ads
The world’s finest… what exactly? Bra?

Sabrina, nice little thing, demonstrates the world’s finest projection equipment… Her BOOBS! Erm, eh-em, we mean… her Bell & Howell headliner color slide. This 1950’s ad proving once and for all that sex sells, even when it’s being totally sexist! For young or old, candy provides quick energy. Buy some next time you shop! Isn’t that what all mothers love to hear? Yeah, we thought not. Once things for certain, little kids probably rejoiced worldwide when this pro-candy cellophane ad burst onto the scene.

1950's ads
I don’t follow no square man’s rule, get it!

Well… birth control is important? Apparently the best way to appeal to democrats is with sex, right? And don’t forget that a lady in charge of her sexuality and sexual protection is “Soooo… Hot!” PS: don’t forget to use condom’s along with that pill, ladies! Only condom’s protect against STD’s!

1950's ads
Something tells us this isn’t the “kinky” kind of spanking…

Alright, so we’ve all probably had a go at this overly sexist, somewhat violent “spanking” ad. Kind of reminds you of a modern day Dr. Phil episode, no? Regardless. 1950s ads were all meant to sell something, right? Well, according to this ad if your husband ever finds out you’re not store-testing for fresher coffee… apparently he’ll whip you over his knee and give you the spanking of your life. And not in a fun way! That’s why you should be buying the “pressure packed” Chase & Sanborn Coffee… which is hopefully way out of business today.

1950's ads
This is just wrong on so many levels…

Hey Bobby… before mom finds out what we did and get’s us in trouble, let’s encourage her to have a smoke! That’ll calm her down. Yeah… This falls under Babble’s 20 most mind-blowing vintage ads that involve children – and we don’t blame them! Any ad that involves little children and cigarettes is definitely crazy, and definitely not worth printing!


1950's ads
Stay in the kitchen where you belong! Dream of freedom another day.

Hardee’s is no stranger to being horrible advertisers who clearly care not for human rights or about respecting women. So, without further ado, here’s another horrible gem from Hardee’s, depicting how women belong in the kitchen. And if you don’t have a woman to slave over a hot stove for you, let Hardee’s do it, instead!

1950's ads
Words… escape us.

Some of these funny 1950s ads are so ridiculous, they are almost satirical. It’s hard to believe some of this stuff is even real. For example, try and get through this absolute GEM without laughing or becoming enraged!

1950's ads

That’ll show her! Pop on your fabulous record tie and show her it’s a man’s world. After all, isn’t a woman’s place kneeling before you and feeding you breakfast? Of course it is! …Ick! Shame on you, Van Heusen! You have fabulous men’s dress clothes, but terrible 1950s ads!

We hope you enjoyed these hilarious, and hilariously wrong 1950s ads! For more vintage fun, come check out punkabilly-clothing.com!

Rockabilly decor & 1950’s vintage decorating

Rockabilly decor
Rockabilly decor made easy. Find more rockabilly decor and style ideas at our Polyvore Account.

Want to decorate rockabilly? We’re looking at rockabilly decor vintage decorating ideas that are budget friendly, and totally stylish!

All rockabilly fans know that the love you feel for that era extends way beyond just the rockabilly clothes. That’s right, if you love it that means you love the music, the rockabilly decor, the ambiance, the clothes, the hair, makeup, style… and the furniture! You should never keep your love for rockabilly hidden away, so why not show it off by decorating your house with fabulous 1950’s finds?

We’re looking at 5 ways you can transform your living room into a rockabilly paradise.

#1. Colors and Patterns

If you look at our sample Polyvore home decor image, our rockabilly dream room was not afraid of using colors or patterns. Just because you may be using 1950’s inspired pieces with your rockabilly decor doesn’t mean your house has to be decorating with neutral, boring colors. Instead, choose classic rockabilly colors such as reds, blacks, hot pinks, and any pattern that screams vintage vixen fun: cherries, skulls and crossbones, polka dots, vintage floral patterns, and leopard print.

#2. Flooring

While a true 1950’s lover would go ahead and choose linoleum flooring, but the truth is that’d be the ugliest option possible. So instead, choose fun, patterned area rugs that show off color and texture. This will make your rockabilly decor pop, add interest, and draw the eye.

Make rockabilly decor a staple in your home with these easy pillow covers.
Make rockabilly decor a staple in your home with these easy rockabilly pillow covers.

#3. Your Rockabilly Couch

Rockabilly styling is about more than just decor. Take for example: your couch. Your couch is your main focus of your living room, so make sure you pick a great piece. Choose new couches that offers vintage appeal. Choose couches with stand-alone legs and well-shaped, high-back couches. Not only will this serve as an awesome piece of rockabilly decor, it can also give a great Gothic vibe to any living room.

#4. Rockabilly gallery wall

Want to make your living room your own personal rockabilly art gallery? Pull off a rockabilly gallery wall by printing off some of your favorite rockabilly and pinup photos. Choose classic pinup girl prints, and fun skull and crossbones patterns, and great shots of vintage cars and you’ll be all set. Stick them each in their own unique, antique frame and arrange them around the room to create an amazing gallery wall.

#5. Rockabilly Decor

Decor is probably the most fun part of decorating. The decor you use around your living room is what will pull the entire look together and have your friends begging: “WHERE did you get that?!” Rockabilly decor can easily be pulled off just by throwing a couple items around the room. Don’t be afraid to mix 1950’s vintage, classic Gothic, and fun rockabilly styles together to create an amazing look.

Check out our rockabilly pillow covers for even more decorating inspiration!

How to dress Rockabilly for Fall – Vintage clothes Must-Haves!

How to dress Rockabilly for Fall
Learn how to dress rockabilly for fall weather

Fall is here! That means it’s time to bust out the spiced pumpkin latté, your leather jacket, and start learning how to dress rockabilly for fall.

If you’re a true rockabilly girl then you absolutely love summer. Summer is a great season for showing off your rockabilly clothes, high-waisted vintage shorts, and that fantastic rockabilly swimsuit.

But, if you live *outside* the sunny bubble of LA then you already know there are plenty of things to love about fall! The spicy pumpkin flavored *everything*, the beautiful changing leaves… and not to mention our favorite: the fall fashion. Style comes alive in autumn, with vampy pinup girl red lips, ripped jeans, fabulous rockabilly boots, and amazing rockabilly fashion trends. Want to know how to dress rockabilly for fall?

Rockabilly fall must-haves

If you’re prepared to get serious about your rockabilly fall wardrobe, then here are some of the absolute essentials you’re going to need to create that effortlessly vintage look.

  1. Leggings

If you’re not going to be rocking cigarette pants during the fall, you’re going to want to wear a great pair of rockabilly leggings. Leggings go with everything; they can be paired with a rock ‘n roll leather jacket, sexy tank tops, nautical inspired vintage tops, swing dresses, and more. Leggings are absolutely essential for pinup girls who are trying to transition their outfits. For example, take a swing dress that was perfectly acceptable for summer weather and transition it by wearing some leggings or vintage tights underneath, and a classy cardigan on top. Don’t put your vintage dresses away just because summer’s over!

  1. Warm shirts

Still wondering how to dress rockabilly for fall without losing your sex-appeal? Alright, we know, it’s much more fun to show off a little skin to release your inner pinup girl, but 1950’s rockabilly is sexy even when covered up. Choose classic cardigans that can be tossed over your summer shirts to make a simple transition into fall. Or choose long-sleeved rockabilly shirts, like a fall appropriate sailor sweater to make covering up more fun. Or hey… you could also steal your boyfriend’s rockabilly jacket!

  1. Rockabilly accessories

There are several fashion essentials for how to dress rockabilly, especially for the fall weather. For example, nylons are absolutely essential if you’re going to be rocking that wiggle dress or pencil skirt in the cooler months! Other great items for showing off fall hues of reds, oranges, and yellows, are these great rockabilly hair accessories, and hand-warming gloves! Also remember that during both the 1950’s and today, patterned scarves and combat boots really are a girl’s best friend.

Think you know how to dress rockabilly for fall? Drop us a line or leave us a comment below with your favorite tips for transitioning your wardrobe. Remember: never be afraid to show off your rockabilly style, no matter what the season!

Plus size rockabilly clothing for XL pinup girls

Is the fashion world getting hostile? Plus size women are finding it harder and harder to find plus size rockabilly clothing in their size. Here’s why.

Plus size rockabilly clothing
Sexy plus size girls should show off in rockabilly styles

Plus size rockabilly clothing is all the rage. Has the 1950’s style craze ever really left the fashion world? Hardly! Hipsters, pinup girls, and rockabilly culture still warmly embraces poodle skirts, pouty red lips, and leather jackets as an everyday style staple. With this fabulous fashion making the an appearance this summer with the return of high waisted retro bikini’s and rockabilly skirts, plus sized women are finding it harder and harder to find in-store styles in their curvaliscious sizes. Why?

In a study by research group Paradigm Sample, the majority of 1,500 women were reported wearing a size 16. This is hardly big news for regular shoppers, but for clothing companies there is still something shocking about plus sized women. Out of this eye-opening survey, 74% of plus size shoppers admitted to being frustrated during their retail shopping experience.

Plus size rockabilly clothing
Plus size rockabilly clothing for sexy XL+ pin up girls

Shopping is supposed to be a mindless, fabulous therapy session – not a hostile environment that makes women want to skip their lunch! The average size of a western women has been 12+ for quite a while now, making it seem shocking that more stores aren’t embracing the body confidence movement and catering to their rockabilly plus size patrons.

It seems like even when stores try to accommodate their plus-size consumers the selections are a bit of a yawn. Most trendy stores don’t carry more than a handful of plus size options and the rest are all straight sizes. Indeed, to find a full selection of plus size rockabilly clothing it seems you must head to the inter-webs. While many women can attest that shopping online can still scratch that insatiable fashionable itch, it certainly isn’t the same as shopping in-store. When you’re a plus-size women (or man), shopping blind isn’t usually your favorite option. You want to be able to try things on to see how they really fit, and to see whether the size you’re wearing is a true size 14, or if it is a tad tight.

At Punkabilly Clothing we believe that beauty comes in every size, and that the best sexiest pinup girl shows off her curves in plus size clothing. Shop rockabilly dresses, retro swimsuits, vintage tops, tee’s, and more in sizes XL-4X. Don’t feel frustrated over in-store sizing. Come shop Punkabilly Clothing and be your sexiest self today.

How to dress like a real rockabilly biker

Did you know 1950’s bikers were called greasers? Get the style with Punkabilly Clothing and learn how to dress like a rockabilly biker.

Rockabilly biker photo courtesy of http://www.buffaloexchange.com
Learn to dress punk rock casual, as shown by this rockabilly biker

In the 1950’s the men were a different breed. Not only did these original hipsters open doors for their pinup girls and throw jackets over puddles, they also sported slicked back hair, sexy sunglasses, and had the best rockabilly style around.

Girls swooned for a rockabilly biker, or “greaser”. These bad boys inspired the ultimate bad boy with a heart of gold Danny Zuki from Grease, and had an influential style. By the 1950’s, men’s rockabilly style was being highly influenced by Hawaiian shirts and WWII. Sound like an odd mix? It was, but it worked. Greasers took this style and flipped it on its head. Biker’s back then sported slicked back hair, leather rockabilly biker jackets, and awesome boots. These bike gangs were far from Sons of Anarchy. In fact, the rockabilly biker of the 1950’s rarely participated in gang violence, guns, or drugs. Back then it was all about having fun and getting the girl.

Want to be the perfect biker? We’re giving you 4 easy ways on how to dress like a rockabilly biker.

  1. Dress the part, but don’t over-dress. Leather jackets are an absolute must for rockabilly biker’s. While dressing in a full suit of leather may make you look and feel like a big man, remember that leathers are worn for protection and warmth. It’s important to stay protected, even in the summer heat, but wearing full-body leather in 90 degree weather may make you look like more of a poser rather than a biker.
  2. Don’t wear fringes. This isn’t the 1980’s. You’re a biker, not a topless dancer! Leave the fringes for the bedroom.
  3. In order to dress the style, you must own a bike. Don’t fake it ’till you make it on this one, boys. You’re a greaser, and a man of style! But… if you don’t own a motorcycle, you’re not a biker!
  4. Layer your clothes. Layering your clothes can make all the difference from looking like a hot biker, or a try-hard. Choose some of Punkabilly’s rockabilly men’s t-shirts to layer under your leather or rockabilly jacket.

We love bikers, motorcycles, and most of all: rockabilly style. Make your transition into your bad boy, rockabilly biker style by shopping Punkabilly Clothing today.

Leopard pin up dresses

Jayne Mansfield shows off her gorgeous curves in one of many classic leopard pin up dresses
Jayne Mansfield shows off her gorgeous curves in one of many classic leopard pin up dresses

While we likely associate leopard print with Jersey Girl’s screaming at one another, Leopard pin up dresses used to be a thing of class. We’re taking you back to the classy day of 1920’s leopard print.

While the media may have mistakenly given up the idea that leopard pin up dresses and animal print was only for orange-tanned Jersey Girl’s and women over 50, the truth is that leopard print is timeless. Leopard pin up dresses and coats were worn back in the 1920’s by fashionable flapper girls. These coats made a huge statement. Wearing leopard print meant you were rich and you weren’t afraid to flaunt it in style.

By the 1950’s, leopard print had turned from classy into seducing. When Jayne Mansfield debuted her leopard print pants, dress, and sexy pin up leopard print bikini’s in 1955 both the women and the men wanted in on the action. By the 1960’s designers began experimenting with real leopard skin to create ritzy coats for the wealthy, namely, Jacqueline Kennedy. As a style icon of the time, women flocked to try and replicate the look. In an effort to prevent these fashionable leopards from going extinct, designers quickly turned to faux fur in their lines.

Shop Punkabilly Clothing for more leopard pin up dresses
Bunny Yeager & pin up girl Bettie Page during a photo-shoot

Since then women of every nationality, age, and orientation have nearly obsessed over this particular print. You’ll find that even the biggest leopard print nay-sayer likely has a printed piece hidden somewhere in her closet as a dirty little secret.

This vintage animal print has had a huge impact on rockabilly and pin-up culture. In fact, leopard pin up dresses are one of the ultimate must-have for rockabilly fashion lovers. Slap this print on leopard pin up dresses, leggings, shorts, wristlets, makeup bags, retro swimsuits, bra’s – You name it, we’ll wear it!

So what is it about leopard pin up dresses that has everyone so enamored? Simply put, leopard print is versatile not only in what you can wear it on, but how you come across when you wear it.

Leopard pin up dresses can make you look like a sexy pin-up girl, or the ultimate classy lady. How is this even possible? We don’t know, but we love it anyway!

Explore your options for leopard pin up dresses and accessories from Punkabilly Clothing and get in on this trend today. Trust us, the more you say you don’t like it, the more likely you’re going to LOVE it.