Leopard pin up dresses

Jayne Mansfield shows off her gorgeous curves in one of many classic leopard pin up dresses
Jayne Mansfield shows off her gorgeous curves in one of many classic leopard pin up dresses

While we likely associate leopard print with Jersey Girl’s screaming at one another, Leopard pin up dresses used to be a thing of class. We’re taking you back to the classy day of 1920’s leopard print.

While the media may have mistakenly given up the idea that leopard pin up dresses and animal print was only for orange-tanned Jersey Girl’s and women over 50, the truth is that leopard print is timeless. Leopard pin up dresses and coats were worn back in the 1920’s by fashionable flapper girls. These coats made a huge statement. Wearing leopard print meant you were rich and you weren’t afraid to flaunt it in style.

By the 1950’s, leopard print had turned from classy into seducing. When Jayne Mansfield debuted her leopard print pants, dress, and sexy pin up leopard print bikini’s in 1955 both the women and the men wanted in on the action. By the 1960’s designers began experimenting with real leopard skin to create ritzy coats for the wealthy, namely, Jacqueline Kennedy. As a style icon of the time, women flocked to try and replicate the look. In an effort to prevent these fashionable leopards from going extinct, designers quickly turned to faux fur in their lines.

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Bunny Yeager & pin up girl Bettie Page during a photo-shoot

Since then women of every nationality, age, and orientation have nearly obsessed over this particular print. You’ll find that even the biggest leopard print nay-sayer likely has a printed piece hidden somewhere in her closet as a dirty little secret.

This vintage animal print has had a huge impact on rockabilly and pin-up culture. In fact, leopard pin up dresses are one of the ultimate must-have for rockabilly fashion lovers. Slap this print on leopard pin up dresses, leggings, shorts, wristlets, makeup bags, retro swimsuits, bra’s – You name it, we’ll wear it!

So what is it about leopard pin up dresses that has everyone so enamored? Simply put, leopard print is versatile not only in what you can wear it on, but how you come across when you wear it.

Leopard pin up dresses can make you look like a sexy pin-up girl, or the ultimate classy lady. How is this even possible? We don’t know, but we love it anyway!

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