Punk Prejudice – Beating the stereotype

Punk Prejudice exists, and the world of punk music and fashion is no exception. Punk Prejudices made life as a wild-child that much harder. But why?

Every good, strong phenomenon and its style usually has a large veil of steady rumors, widespread views which are often very negative and shallow or superficial labels. Well, most of those aren’t true and they make an artificial constructed darkness around the wonderful world of eternal fashion and unique music, which strongly inspires our collections presented here. When we talk about punk music and culture, it’s hard to avoid all the hard and dark charges. People are easy on delusions when it comes to punk music and fashion. To set loose those ugly myths, we bring you a list of most popular Punk Prejudice and some of the many counter-arguments.

Punk fashion is extremely dark. This punk prejudice is WRONG! It is dark, but not extremely. Actually, colorful details are very common among punk lovers, as you can make sure in this special category. Hair dyed in bright red, green or even pink is also frequent. And not to mention the tartan cloth and other crazy colored combinations. Since punk originates from social dissatisfaction and some dark moods, a little bit of darkness is necessary. But if music was in colors, the vigorous punk chords would be a hard rocking rainbow.

Punk Prejudices
colorful & powerful

Punk artists and fans are drunks and druggies. That’s a hard one and very, very WRONG one. Drug and alcohol abuse status has nothing to do with the music or fashion style. This punk prejudice linking some addicting vice to a certain style and music is just a superficial labeling. Maybe some of the punk stars did end up their lives thanks to the drugs, but it’s not a general rule. Listening to a certain kind of music and wearing certain clothes is not enough to ruin your life with drugs, so blaming punk for it is simply mindless.

Punk Prejudices
Do we count love as a drug?

Punk prejudice: punkers are uneducated bums. Well, when it comes to the education, some of the punk musicians are ready to break the regular oppinion that punkers are stupid. Dexter Holland, the lead singer of The Offspring has and M.S. in molecular biology. Also, Greg Graffin, the lead singer of Bad Religion, actually has a Ph.D. and he was a teacher at the University of California. He is also a straight edge. So, I guess that’s settled then.

Punk Prejudices
smart & punk

Punk lovers are aggressive. This punk prejudice is definitely WRONG. Actually, punk lovers usually expel the excess of energy trough the music or jumping around on the shows. Yeah, a mess can happen, sometimes they put up a fight – but when you are at a punk show, you probably won’t see the whole audience fighting.

Punk Prejudices
Peaceful punks

Well, that’s just a part of a big pile of punk prejudices. It all overshadows the punk fashion and when someone wears the awesome punk clothes, he or she often has to confront some offensive looks in public. Many decades after its outbreak, punk still shocks the majority. Well, even though it is sad that it still causes such reactions and prejudices, its provoking abilities are also its biggest power.

Mens T-shirts: history and our rockabilly collection

Think men don’t care for fashion? Think again! We’re looking at the evolution of mens t-shirts & the male fashion world

For a long time, men are interested in fashion almost equally as the ladies. More and more men consider that their own overall style is very important part of their personality. Clothes don’t make the man, but you can surely find out a lot about him by analyzing the characteristics of his style. What mostly draws attention on a man is usually a men’s T-shirt.

Mens T-shirts are favorite piece of clothes among many men and women, because of comfort and practicallity, but it is also an important detail for fashion games.

The mens T-shirt has a short history. Its origins are actually related to the sailors, who had problems with heavy and bulky undershirts. At the beginning of the 20th century, they replaced those undershirts with light short sleeved shirts. By the beginning of 20’s the term ‘T-shirt’, which refers to the shirt’s shape, was widely accepted. This piece of clothes soon became a standard part of the army underwear. So, basically, we can thank the army for popularization of this comfortable thing.

mens t-shirts
Its majesty, the T-shirt

Hollywood also had a role in popularization of mens T-shirts. Let’s just mention James Dean in movie “Rebel without a cause”, where he wears a plain white T-shirt. It made the whole world go crazy for it! Also, Elvis Presley was one of the T-shirt promoters. When famous people did enough for the promotion, designers had to move on and use the T-shirts in all the possible ways. After that, a new era begins.

mens t-shirts
Rebel without a cause

In 60’s and 70’s technology provided a possibility for prints on mens T-shirts. Various printed motives made T-shirts more interesting. For example, T-shirts with images of rock bands were extremely popular. Also, T-shirts got a deeper meaning, due to the printed sings on them. Funny signs were also included. Flags, motos, sport clubs logos, messages, you could all have it on your T-shirt.

mens t-shirts
Print T-shirt

Punkabilly, our little retro and rockabilly paradise settled here, also likes the possibilities of a men’s T-shirt. So simple, and yet so versatile, it is always inspirational for us. We bring you a whole magnificent collection of punk and rockabilly T-shirts for men right on these pages. Take a look at these awesome LiquorBrand and Billy Eight models with unusually glowing prints.

mens t-shirts
Punkabilly T-shirt

These mens t-shirts are charged with rockabilly spirit, inspired by all its modes, like psychobilly, and all the related awesomeness, like punk. We like our mens T-shirts loud and clear and we try to send some interesting messages. Signs like “Psychobilly to the bone” and “Hot’n’Rod” are the souls of our mens T-shirts. These simple black and white pieces get their special meaning from many bad ass rockabilly motives like skulls, dices, tattooed girls.

mens t-shirts
Bad ass!

And that’s just a part of our lovely men collection. We’re waiting for you with more great pieces and motives. Also, there’s a cute little collection of rockabilly mens T-shirts for women and you can find it here.

Enjoy your punk life every day and stay rockabilly!

50’s Fashion and Fun

The 50’s had it all – good drinks, good clothes, and great girls. What was it about the 1950’s that make it’s fashion stand the test of time today?

Back in the 50’s, fashion designers have established a recognizable style which was widely accepted then, but it still has a big influence today, as you can see in our pages. Retro clothing is very popular, but it is hard to define which fashion details belong to which decade. We’re here to help you recognize exactly the peachy 50’s style.

Class & elegance were mostly expressed by wearing some swell dresses. Those dresses were usually very colorful and the bottom was all ‘puffy’. As for the lenght, they were usually covering the knees. What’s also common among these fashion hits is the waste line – it was usually made to express women’s curves, especially the hips. There are some simple models, but many of them vere decorated with ribbons or other details. These models have a giant sway in contemporary fashion. One clear example is this wonderful collection.

50's Swell!

Skirts were also very popular. Beside the big puffy ones, women loved the so called ‘pencil skirts’. Those are completely different – they are tight-fitting and simple. 50’s also gave us the ‘poodle skirts’, which are wide and swingy, in bright colors (usually pink or baby blue). Those were popular among the teenage girls. You can check some modern skirts inspired by the vintage fashion right here.

50's poodle skirt
Poodle Skirt

50’s fashion was particulary interesting on the beach. Those vintage swimming suits were practically perfect – made to stress out the best features of the body and hide all the imperfections. What also differes them from the later swimwear are the details, such as ribbons and buttons. Compared to the plain or too complicated contemporary bikinis and swimsuits, these were deffinitely more interesting, more feminine and more comfortable. Luckily, some of the designers make awesome collections as an homage to the 50’s. Here you can explore some of the best 50’s inspired pieces from our web boutique.

50's Fresh!

The accessories were also very specific. One of those accessories is, unfortunately, almost forgotten – it’s the hat. Once it was a neccessary detail, especially in 50’s. There’s no rule about the hats – all kinds of shapes, colors and sizes were gladly worn. Some of them were simple, while the other ones were decorated with different nets or feathers. But it seems that the hats are pretty much the past of the fashion, and today you will probably choose a different accessory to complete your style. Than this is the right collection to begin.

50's Vogue
Goodbye, hats!

Hairstyles also have their 50’s story. The big rule was to keep your hair shipshape. All kinds of pin up hairstyles were what women of 50’s required from their hairdresser. As for the color, it seems that blondes were slightly more popular. Regardless of the color, hair accessories were widely used. The hair ribbons and hairpins were the absolute hits. Many of simillar hair decorations can be found today, and to shorten your wandering, you can find them in this place.

50's hairstyle
50’s hairstyle

There are also some other common motives in 50’s fashion. Polka dots and sailor style are just some of them. What’s important is that vintage spirit is getting stronger, and today, more than half a century later, we can still enjoy the magic of that old fashion. Use that opportunity and enrich your own style!