Mens T-shirts: history and our rockabilly collection

Think men don’t care for fashion? Think again! We’re looking at the evolution of mens t-shirts & the male fashion world

For a long time, men are interested in fashion almost equally as the ladies. More and more men consider that their own overall style is very important part of their personality. Clothes don’t make the man, but you can surely find out a lot about him by analyzing the characteristics of his style. What mostly draws attention on a man is usually a men’s T-shirt.

Mens T-shirts are favorite piece of clothes among many men and women, because of comfort and practicallity, but it is also an important detail for fashion games.

The mens T-shirt has a short history. Its origins are actually related to the sailors, who had problems with heavy and bulky undershirts. At the beginning of the 20th century, they replaced those undershirts with light short sleeved shirts. By the beginning of 20’s the term ‘T-shirt’, which refers to the shirt’s shape, was widely accepted. This piece of clothes soon became a standard part of the army underwear. So, basically, we can thank the army for popularization of this comfortable thing.

mens t-shirts
Its majesty, the T-shirt

Hollywood also had a role in popularization of mens T-shirts. Let’s just mention James Dean in movie “Rebel without a cause”, where he wears a plain white T-shirt. It made the whole world go crazy for it! Also, Elvis Presley was one of the T-shirt promoters. When famous people did enough for the promotion, designers had to move on and use the T-shirts in all the possible ways. After that, a new era begins.

mens t-shirts
Rebel without a cause

In 60’s and 70’s technology provided a possibility for prints on mens T-shirts. Various printed motives made T-shirts more interesting. For example, T-shirts with images of rock bands were extremely popular. Also, T-shirts got a deeper meaning, due to the printed sings on them. Funny signs were also included. Flags, motos, sport clubs logos, messages, you could all have it on your T-shirt.

mens t-shirts
Print T-shirt

Punkabilly, our little retro and rockabilly paradise settled here, also likes the possibilities of a men’s T-shirt. So simple, and yet so versatile, it is always inspirational for us. We bring you a whole magnificent collection of punk and rockabilly T-shirts for men right on these pages. Take a look at these awesome LiquorBrand and Billy Eight models with unusually glowing prints.

mens t-shirts
Punkabilly T-shirt

These mens t-shirts are charged with rockabilly spirit, inspired by all its modes, like psychobilly, and all the related awesomeness, like punk. We like our mens T-shirts loud and clear and we try to send some interesting messages. Signs like “Psychobilly to the bone” and “Hot’n’Rod” are the souls of our mens T-shirts. These simple black and white pieces get their special meaning from many bad ass rockabilly motives like skulls, dices, tattooed girls.

mens t-shirts
Bad ass!

And that’s just a part of our lovely men collection. We’re waiting for you with more great pieces and motives. Also, there’s a cute little collection of rockabilly mens T-shirts for women and you can find it here.

Enjoy your punk life every day and stay rockabilly!