Rockabilly bridesmaids dresses and other pin up wedding dress

Rockabilly bridesmaids dresses
Rockabilly Bridesmaids Lineup

Are you planning a rockabilly wedding? Nothing is more on-trend than having vintage style, rockabilly bridesmaids dresses. We’re showing you how to pull it off!

Whether you’re a bride planning her rockabilly wedding, or are a bridesmaid looking to get out of those notoriously awful bridesmaids dresses, have we got a trend for you: Rockabilly bridesmaids dresses!

Using wiggle dresses, pin up, and flared swing dresses in your bridesmaid’s wardrobe adds an eclectic mix of feminine and rockabilly chic to your wedding line – especially if you mix and match! That’s right, when you go vintage with your wedding it opens up a world of possibilities, all more unique and creative than the last. Check out our collection of vintage inspired pin up wedding dresses and let your bridesmaids breathe a sigh of fashionable relief!

Rockabilly bridesmaids dresses
Mismatched Rockabilly bridesmaids dresses

Mismatched rockabilly bridesmaids dresses

Having mismatches dresses is a huge wedding trend when it comes to your bridesmaids. Gather together vintage pin up wedding dresses with the same color palettes, but in totally different styles! This is a great way to make your bridesmaids show off their individual styles. PS: mismatching shoes and creative pantyhose are also great ways of making your rockabilly wedding that much more unique!

pin up wedding dress
Leopard print pin up wedding dress

Leopard print swing dress

Want something classy and rockabilly for your bridesmaids to wear? This vintage inspired swing dress has it all: a flared skirt showing off that classic 1950’s style, a waist-flattering bow ribbon, a sexy corset back… and have we mentioned its leopard print? If you don’t fall in love with this flirty and flattering rockabilly bridesmaids dress, we’d be absolutely shocked!

Vintage floral rockabilly bridesmaids dresses 

pin up wedding dresses
Vintage floral pin up wedding dresses

Looking for something a little more girly for your big day; less skulls, more flowers? Our vintage tea dress is definitely wedding worthy with its feminine floral and flared skirt. This rockabilly bridesmaids dress has a gorgeous popped collar and over-sized buttons that adds a particularly vintage feel to your lineup. This dress looks stunning with fishnet stockings and a bright pink lip.

pin up wedding dress
Black and pink polka dot pin up wedding dress

Black and pink polka dot wiggle dress

If you’re not afraid of your bridesmaids getting a little sexy, then this black and pink polka-dot wiggle dress is just what you’re looking for. This wiggle dress shows off a halter top strap and a more than flattering, waist-cinching black band around the waist. This wiggle dress flatters all sizes, showing off your bridesmaids curves in all the right places. Make a statement with your rockabilly bridesmaids dresses by giving your girls something sexy to show off in!

Throw bad bridesmaids dresses to the curb and make your vintage wedding a breath of fresh air for your ladies in waiting! Shop our full collection of potential rockabilly bridesmaids dresses and your bridesmaids can thank us later!

Rockabilly and Vintage hairstyles for short hair

Vintage hairstyles for short hair
Short hair, fear not! There’s a rockabilly style just waiting for you.

Do you have a bob, but now you’re itching to do some rockabilly styles? Relax! We’re showing you 5 vintage hairstyles especially for short hair.

Short hair is sleek and sexy, and great for when you’re looking for a drastic hair change. But let’s say you made the chop and now you’re itching to get into some killer vintage hairstyles again. Think you’re left out of the pinup/rockabilly hair club just because you decided to make the chop? Think again! In fact, the majority of the most notorious vintage hair comes from shorter tresses.

That’s right, Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Mae West, Ava Gardner, and countless other famous pin up girls of the 1950’s all sported stylish and sexy chopped tresses. So if you’ve convinced yourself your hair can’t be transformed into vintage magic, we’re here to readjust your thinking! Without further ado, here are some great vintage hairstyles for short hair.

Sculptured Pin Curls for Short Hair

This vintage hair tutorial is one of our absolute favorites. Perfect for short hair, this tutorial shows you how to get classic 1940’s vintage hairstyles using sculpture pincurlers (you’ve probably seen these on Ebay… score!) This in-depth pin curl tutorial shows you what size curler will give you what style of curly hair. Also? Her vintage hairstyle poster in the background is adorbs.

Vintage hairstyles for short, relaxed hair

Vintage hairstyles can work for basically any type of hair, whether you believe it or not. We know there’s going to be some skeptics scoffing at that statement, saying: “I could NEVER get my hair to do that!” But trust us, you can. This is a great example of toning down that hard-to-tame hair into a fabulous vintage hairstyle, perfect for short hair! (View part two HERE)

Victory rolls for short hair

This video shows off exactly how short your hair can be to do classic victory rolls. This video is also a great lesson in how to curl short hair with a flat iron (yes, it’s hard… but it can be done!) This tutorial could not be simpler. Short hair victory rolls in 10 minutes or less? Yes, please!

The perfect Vintage Hairstyles

This mid-length vintage wave tutorial is great for any style or texture of hair. This style can throw back to the flirty 50’s and swinging 60’s a a fun fashionable way to wear your hair. This style works for any personality, whether you’re looking to be a pinup vixen, vintage and sophisticated, or punk-rock rockabilly.

Marilyn Monroe hair using rollers

If you’re a fan of Marilyn Monroe’s classic roller look, then this is the tutorial for you. Whether you’re a bombshell blond, fiery red, sexy brunette, or some other rockabilly-approved flashy hair color, this wet roller tutorial is going to look absolutely amazing on you. This is also a great lesson on how to get vintage hairstyles with rollers, like the ladies used to do!

If you cut a pixie, short bob, or are otherwise in the midst of growing your hair our, never fear, you will always be able to find something cute to do with it! If you’ve tried any of these vintage hairstyles on your chopped locks, come post it on our Facebook wall!

1950s cocktails – Rockabilly party drinks, classic & virgin

Don’t you love 1950’s parties? Make your next cocktail party a rockabilly one by indulging in some of these 1950s cocktails (including virgin drinks!)

1950s cocktails - Whiskey Sour
1950s Cocktails: Whiskey Sour

When you think of 1950s cocktails you no doubt think of a handsome man donning a handsome suit, and women in sexy rockabilly wiggle dresses and curly hair sharing a classy drink on a moonlit patio.

However, if Mad Men and hilarious 1950’s ads have taught us anything, it’s that those in the rockabilly 50’s and 60’s loved a good drink! In fact, they loved a good drink at work, at home, with breakfast, on their lunch break… Heck, they probably even liked a drink while they brushed their teeth in the morning!

While we’re not inviting you to become a 1950’s wino, we’re definitely suggesting your next cocktail party be rockabilly themed… and we have all the recipes you’ll need for the perfect rockabilly drinks.  Here are some classic, vintage, 1950s cocktails and virgin drink recipes to get your party started!

Gin was huge in the 1950’s, making this liquor a big helper in the world of fantastic cocktails.

1950's cocktails - SidecarSidecar

5 cl Cognac

2 cl lemon juice

2 cl Triple Sec

Fill a cocktail shaker with ice cubes and then fill with wet ingredients. Cover and shake for 20-30 seconds. Your drink should be cold, frosty, and garnished with a lemon wedge!

1950's cocktails - Tom CollinsTom Collins

3oz Gin

2 oz Lemon juice

1 oz Simple Syrup

Club soda


Try another gin inspired 1950s cocktail with the classic Tom Collins drink. Simply mix all of the ingredients together in a tall glass, garnish with a cherry and fresh lemons… and enjoy feeling like a super sleek and sexy Mad Man.

1950's cocktails - Mint JulepClassic Mint Julep

In the mood for something a little more refreshing? This summer 1950s cocktail is perfect for those hot summer days. Make a glass by combining 10 mint leaves (more or less, depending on personal preference), 1/2 cup of crushed ice, 2 1/2 fluid ounces of bourbon whiskey and mash ingredients together to bring out the flavors. Top with another 1/2 cup of crushed ice for one of the most refreshing the drink of the summer!


1950's cocktails - Singapore SlingSingapore Sling

2 fl. oz. gin

1/2 fl. oz. Triple Sec

1/4 fl. oz. Benedictine liqueur

1/2 fl. oz. Cherry liqueur

1/2 fl. oz. lime juice

2 fl. oz. pineapple Juice

1 dash bitters

1 fl. oz. soda water

The Singapore sling is another great 1950’s summer cocktail that can easily be made virgin by excluding all of the booze. What you’ll be left with is a fantastically fruity punch. In the meantime, for those with more adult tastes, here is how you mix a Singapore sling. Combine all ingredients into shaker filled with ice. Shake, strain, and enjoy.

1950's cocktails - Pink squirrel martiniThe Pink Squirrel

3/4 oz creme de noyaux

3/4 oz white creme de cacao

1 1/2 oz heavy cream

Welcome to the yummiest drinks to ever done the color pink. This cocktail was the Sex and the Citdrink of the 1950’s. Simple mix all ingredients into an ice filled cocktail shaker and strain into fabulous martini glass. Garnish with cherries and enjoy. (Psst… if you want a real treat, skip out on the heavy cream and go for a GIANT scoop of vanilla ice cream instead!)

1950's cocktailsGin and Sin

1 1/2 oz gin

1 oz orange juice

1/2 tsp grenadine syrup

1 oz lemon juice

Want a simple but delicious drink to fill your rockabilly party with cheers? How about the Gin and Sin? This cocktail couldn’t be simpler to prepare. Fill a shaker full of ice and combine ingredients. Shake, serve, and enjoy this incredibly refreshing 1950s cocktail!

Enjoy your 1950s cocktails amidst rockabilly boys, pinup girls and a ton of rockabilly decor at punkabilly clothing for pretty much the best party, like ever. 

Pin up style dresses, Rockabilly hair and makeup

Ever wonder how those sexy pinup girls got their iconic looks? Or how to get the perfect rockabilly hair and makeup? We’re showing you how to get the full packaged look with great pin up style dresses, hair, and makeup.

Pin up girl style may look hard to achieve, but a true rockabilly mistress can get her looks together in 20 minutes or less! Today we want to look at how you can get the perfect pin up girl style, or rockabilly look. We’ve scoured the Internet for pin up style dresses, easy hair and makeup tutorials to get you started!

This makeup tutorial is the perfect example of psychobilly makeup. This maroon and grey look shows off soft lips, a dark, smoky eye, flawless skin and a sharp contour line. Great for blue eyes, this maroon toned eyeshadow makes light colors eyes pop. Finish this off with look with some amazing fake lashes and dark brows and you’re good to go!

Want some easy rockabilly hair accessories to go with your psychobilly makeup and pin up style dresses? Vintage hair tutorials don’t have to be difficult. This tutorial shows an easy and fast rockabilly hairstyle in under 10 minutes that looks fiercely polished.

Looking for something that’s still vintage, but a little more toned down than it’s psychobilly counterpart? This vintage makeup tutorial shows off the softer side of rockabilly with simple brown shadows and nude lips. This look shows off classic pin up girl winged liner, curly hair, and even a fantastic vintage hat. Come check out this classic pin up girl makeup tutorial and pair this with your classiest vintage looks.

Want a soft, pin up girl hair tutorial to go along with this soft vintage makeup? Check out this classic 1940’s inspired hair tutorial. This is super simple, we promise. No confusing layers of pin curls. Just straight up class.

This is a more glamorous style pin up look for those who want a mix of relaxed pin up girl makeup, and hardcore rockabilly/psychobilly makeup. This vintage glam tutorial by Nikkie tutorials is perfect for prom, or rockabilly new years makeup. This look features a great matte red lip, and gorgeous gold eye with skyscrapers-sized fake-lashes! Pair this with pin up style dresses for a great New Years look.

Are you rocking Betty Bangs? If you have those classic Betty Paige style bangs, you might be outgrowing your list of how to best wear them. This easy rockabilly hair tutorial shows you 3 new spins on how to wear your Betty Bangs. These looks are all rockabilly perfection!

Don’t forget to shop Punkabilly Clothing to get the perfect outfits to match your pin up style. We have super sexy pin up vintage bikini’s, 50’s style dresses, and even rockabilly men’s clothes if you feel like dressing up your date!

Plus size Pin up girl Hilda

Bloggers have gone nuts this year with the re-introducing of plus size pin up girl Hilda into the great line of classic illustrated pin up girls. Who is she?

Sexy comes at any size, and this hidden illustration from day’s passed is like a hidden gem among the pin up world. Hilda, born in the 1950’s by illustrator Duane Bryers, was a curvy if not downright voluptuous pin-up girl who used to grace calendars with her sexy curved. This plus size pin up girl Hilda is exactly what the doctor ordered for this decade.

Hilda highlights a nice round bum, killer breasts, and a fabulous cinched waist. That is, cinches without losing her plus-size figure. This age-old plus size pin up illustration is bursting with body confidence. Hilda shows off her curves by skipping through the fall leaves naked taking an alluring outdoor shower after a hard days work, knitting by the fire, boating, and doing all sorts of other semi-ridiculous yet casually sexy activities posed by the average pin up girl.

What makes Hilda so inspirational? Not only is this ginger absolutely gorgeous with her bobbed haircut and I Love Lucy type face, she does something else: Hilda shows off a real body type in a sexy light. Real. She doesn’t have ridiculous or unreachable proportions. She doesn’t have twigs for thighs, or a rock hard stomach. Instead she’s portrayed as any real woman. Proportional curves, real breasts, real weight, and a charmingly flirtatious personality.

So let’s all take a moment and gush over plus size pin up girl Hilda in all her fabulousness.

Plus size pin up girl Hilda shows off her sexy curves
Plus size pin up girl Hilda shows off her sexy curves with a froggy friend
Plus size pin up girl Hilda shows off her sexy curves
Plus size pin up girl Hilda shows off her sexy curves in the bathtub.
Plus size pin up girl Hilda shows off her sexy curves
Plus size rockabilly girl spills ice cream all over her curves… oops!
Plus size pin up girl Hilda shows off her sexy curves
Pin up girl Hilda shows off her assets under a gushing waterfall

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Cheap rockabilly clothes + Why vintage clothing is so expensive

Looking for cheap rockabilly clothes online, or maybe you’re wondering why rockabilly vintage clothes are so expensive. We’ve got the answer to both!

Rockabilly style is one of the most unique, classy, fun, and trendy ways to live. Many people say rockabilly isn’t about the clothes, the music, or the tattoos, it’s about a lifestyle. Unfortunately, that lifestyle can get pretty expensive! In fact, one of the top reasons people are put off exploring the rockabilly culture is because it’s so damn expensive.

It seems like in the majority of online shops and local retro clothing / vintage stores, scoring a rockabilly dress for under $100 is near impossible – especially for those sporting plus size rockabilly clothes!

So what’s the deal? Why are rockabilly clothes so expensive? For one, vintage inspired clothes use high-quality fabrics. Another reason is because rockabilly styles are specially made for a niche group. This means they aren’t in mainstream demand, therefore those selling them need to make more of a profit than commercial stores. Bottom line, these clothes are made to last. You’ll never find quality items like this at Forever21, but that quality comes with a price. But, does it have to?

At Punkabilly Clothing, we believe cheap rockabilly clothes should be available for everyone! Our styles are affordable and attractive, and never sacrifice using high-quality materials. Want affordable rockabilly clothes? We’re looking at cheap rockabilly clothes that don’t ever hit the $50.00 mark!

cheap rockabilly clothes
This leopard print rockabilly mini dress is the perfect example of style and savings!

This pink rockabilly leopard print mini-dress is perfect for a night on the town and can even be paired with ripped leggings for a perfect, rock ‘n roll night out. Come get this quick while it’s on sale! (PS: We also have other great prints in this rockabilly mini-dress style. Come check them out!)

cheap rockabilly clothes
We have a punk rock collection of men’s rockabilly shirts, all affordable!

Punkabilly Clothing hosts an amazing collection of men’s shirts, t-shirts, work shirts, and punk jackets. We have tons of cheap rockabilly clothes and men’s t-shirts coming in at under $20! Start dressing like a punk rock star in our rockabilly line.

cheap rockabilly clothes
The price of this cheap rockabilly bikini is going to put a smile on your face, for sure!

Want to get a rockabilly bikini without the gigantic price-tag? This red polka dot, cheap rockabilly bikini features high-waisted shorts with adorable buttons, and a halter top with a white bow tie. Check out our cheap rockabilly clothes and stylish pin up girl swimsuits for under $50!

cheap rockabilly clothes
You don’t have to spend a million bucks to look like it!

Looking for the perfect rockabilly wiggle dress to strut your stuff in? This red leopard rockabilly dress mixes glamor and rock ‘n roll together to make one sexy combo! For the punk girls, pair this dress with a leather jacket, and for the girly-girls, pair this with a cardigan and heels.

Enjoy our extensive collection of cheap rockabilly clothes and visit our website for even more pin up girl and greaser boy selections!