Rockabilly and Vintage hairstyles for short hair

Vintage hairstyles for short hair
Short hair, fear not! There’s a rockabilly style just waiting for you.

Do you have a bob, but now you’re itching to do some rockabilly styles? Relax! We’re showing you 5 vintage hairstyles especially for short hair.

Short hair is sleek and sexy, and great for when you’re looking for a drastic hair change. But let’s say you made the chop and now you’re itching to get into some killer vintage hairstyles again. Think you’re left out of the pinup/rockabilly hair club just because you decided to make the chop? Think again! In fact, the majority of the most notorious vintage hair comes from shorter tresses.

That’s right, Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Mae West, Ava Gardner, and countless other famous pin up girls of the 1950’s all sported stylish and sexy chopped tresses. So if you’ve convinced yourself your hair can’t be transformed into vintage magic, we’re here to readjust your thinking! Without further ado, here are some great vintage hairstyles for short hair.

Sculptured Pin Curls for Short Hair

This vintage hair tutorial is one of our absolute favorites. Perfect for short hair, this tutorial shows you how to get classic 1940’s vintage hairstyles using sculpture pincurlers (you’ve probably seen these on Ebay… score!) This in-depth pin curl tutorial shows you what size curler will give you what style of curly hair. Also? Her vintage hairstyle poster in the background is adorbs.

Vintage hairstyles for short, relaxed hair

Vintage hairstyles can work for basically any type of hair, whether you believe it or not. We know there’s going to be some skeptics scoffing at that statement, saying: “I could NEVER get my hair to do that!” But trust us, you can. This is a great example of toning down that hard-to-tame hair into a fabulous vintage hairstyle, perfect for short hair! (View part two HERE)

Victory rolls for short hair

This video shows off exactly how short your hair can be to do classic victory rolls. This video is also a great lesson in how to curl short hair with a flat iron (yes, it’s hard… but it can be done!) This tutorial could not be simpler. Short hair victory rolls in 10 minutes or less? Yes, please!

The perfect Vintage Hairstyles

This mid-length vintage wave tutorial is great for any style or texture of hair. This style can throw back to the flirty 50’s and swinging 60’s a a fun fashionable way to wear your hair. This style works for any personality, whether you’re looking to be a pinup vixen, vintage and sophisticated, or punk-rock rockabilly.

Marilyn Monroe hair using rollers

If you’re a fan of Marilyn Monroe’s classic roller look, then this is the tutorial for you. Whether you’re a bombshell blond, fiery red, sexy brunette, or some other rockabilly-approved flashy hair color, this wet roller tutorial is going to look absolutely amazing on you. This is also a great lesson on how to get vintage hairstyles with rollers, like the ladies used to do!

If you cut a pixie, short bob, or are otherwise in the midst of growing your hair our, never fear, you will always be able to find something cute to do with it! If you’ve tried any of these vintage hairstyles on your chopped locks, come post it on our Facebook wall!

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