Easy Rockabilly Hairstyles for Lazy Girls on the Go

Rockabilly hairstylesWhen you’re a rockabilly girl your hairstyle is everything. We’re showing you the best lazy girl rockabilly hairstyles you can master in minutes.

Vintage hair has plenty to do with teasing, bobby pins, and a lot of shaping, but that shouldn’t discourage you from giving pinup hair a try. Rockabilly hairstyles might look like a long and complicated journey, but we promise even the laziest girl can style some luscious pinup locks in less than 10 minutes.

Common hairstyles from the 1920’s-60’s include short bobs, finger curls, and plenty of victory rolls. These hairstyles were all about flirtatious body, bold bangs, and gorgeous curls. Did we mention these looks can be accomplished in just a couple minutes?

Without further ado, here are some of our favorite lazy girl rockabilly hairstyles to recreate.

Are you rocking some short locks you want to make into an easy rockabilly hairstyle? This style shows you how to do an easy rockabilly pompadour “twist” do in less than two minutes! This look is perfect for girls who want to add volume, texture, and rockabilly sex appeal to their short hair. Literally, all this style requires is a round brush, hairspray, hair gel, and a hair dryer. Hair, hair, everywhere!

For those rocking some Betty bangs, this hair tutorial shows off three different ways of styling your hair to show off your beautiful bangs. Products used in these looks include bobby pins, a teasing comb, round brush, curling wand, and hairspray! Looks can be completed in 10 minutes or less. How easy was that?

Twists, curls, teasing, and more! These are six fast and easy rockabilly hairstyles that can be done lightning fast! Remembering, pin curls don’t require heat, making them a great way to style over-processed hair without further damaging hair.

This gorgeous look is based on the classic, voluminous curls of Marilyn Monroe. This rockabilly hair tutorial is for African American hair. Gorgeous, thick hair hold Marilyn’s classic curls perfectly for a style that is both classic and modern chic at the same time.

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