Bra Size – How to properly measure your girls

Bras and boobies go together like Bonnie and Clyde. Want to fit your sexy pinup clothes like a dream? Learn how to measure your bra size today!

Bras and boobies go together like Bonnie and Clyde… or more traditionally (and less, bank robbery?) bread and butter! Wearing that perfect bra can make or break the way an outfit comes together. Wearing the proper bra size is going to effect the way a dress is going to fit – not to mention how your girls are going to hold up in the future. With how important proper support is, it’s shocking to know that 1/3 of women are still wearing the wrong bra size, and they know it!

Learn to measure your bra size!
Shop smart! Measure your bra size properly before buying.

If women know they’re denying their breasts the ultimate comfort from a proper bra size, why wouldn’t they correct the issue? In truth, many women don’t want to admit that their breasts are actually smaller than the cup size they are wearing. While it may make you feel better to wear a bigger cup size, we promise your breasts are going to look 100% sexier now (and especially in the future) if you support them in their proper size.

But how do you tell if you’re wearing the wrong bra size? You’ve likely been wearing the same size bra for years now. “I know my boobs!” you may argue, but if you suffer from any of the following issues, you may be wearing the wrong boulder-holder!

#1. An active bra. Your bra should stay put against your breasts, back, and shoulders. If your bra is moving around or your band isn’t staying put, you’re probably wearing the wrong bra size.

#2. A strap up the back. No… not that kind of strap! The back strap of your bra should be sitting around the middle of your back, not up in between your shoulders. If you have a traveling back bra strap then you need to re-size.

#3. Uncomfortable under-wire. The wires inside of your bra should perfectly cup your breasts and lay flat and comfortable against the skin.

#4. Bulging boobies. Overflowing breasts might sound fantastic, but the reality is quite uncomfortable. Your breasts should fit neatly inside of your bra cups, not be exploding out of them.

So how do you properly measure the girls?

How to measure your bra size is a highly searched query online. Measuring your breasts are all about numbers. Before you measure you’re going to want to stand in front of a mirror and put on your most comfortable fitting bra size (NOT padded or push-up!) To get the accurate size of your cups and band you’re going to need a fabric measuring tape. This will ensure your tape will easily bend around your body for ultimate accuracy.

Learn to measure your bra size!
Learn to measure your boobies!


Your band size is located just above your breasts and is the number portion of a bra measurement. Start by wrapping your measuring tape around the area above your breasts, under your arms, and around your back. If you end up with an odd number, round it down to the next even number. The number you’re left with will be your band size!


Your lovely cups are obviously your breasts and make up the lettered portion of a bra measurement. Wrap your soft measuring tape around your back and bring it round to the front, measuring to the fullest part of your breasts (usually at nipple level.) Again, round down your measurement to the nearest even number.

So where does the letter come from? Easy! Take the cup size (example, 34″) and subtract it from your band size (example, 37″) You’re left with the number 3. Now, count your alphabet: A (1), B (2), and 3 (C)! Since you were left with a 3, which means your cup size is a C.

Now that you know how to properly measure you’re girls – it’s time to get shopping!

Classic cars of the 1950’s for Rockabilly fans

Classic Cars of the 1950's, Labeled for Reuse.
Classic Cars: 1951 Cadillac (61 series)

Vintage, convertible, classic cars are a staple of the 50’s decade as poodle skirts & Lovers Lane! Here’s the sleekest, chicest cars of the rockabilly age.

In the 1950’s the only thing hunkier than the greaser boy, fashioned in his bestcoming to pick up his date was the classic car he was picking her up in! Two seater cars with a shared front seat and removable top were the standard makings for a night on Lover’s Lane. Vintage classic cars are as much of a staple of the 50’s decade as poodle skirts and getting fresh! We’re looking at some of the sleekest, chicest cars of the rockabilly age.

1951 Cadillac (61 series)
It’s hard to think of the classic cars of the 1950’s without imagining the Cadillac. This car that made such an impact back then that it is still a sought after “classic cool” car of today. Back in the post-war status of the 50’s, Cadillac was marketing to a world that was stricken by poverty. In an effort to rise above the economy, Cadillac created the Cadillac 61 series which was more affordable than previous models while maintaining style, comfort, and safety.

Classic Cars of the 1950's
Classic Cars: 1952 Maverick Sportster

1952 Maverick Sportster
This gorgeous classic car awed onlookers at it’s reveal with it’s massive V-8 engine and sleek appearance. Built by a retired aeronautical engineer, H. Sterling Gladwin, this sportster was originally built for it’s creator! Upon finishing his masterpiece (after what Gladwin claims as 1189 hours of manual labor) Motor Trend did an article showcasing his creation. It wasn’t long before the public wanted one of their own. This masterpiece was eventually promoted as the world’s largest car made with a fiberglass body.

Classic Cars of the 1950's. Labeled for Reuse y Wikipedia Commons
Classic Car: Ford Thunderbird

1955 Ford Thunderbird
Possibly one of the most iconic classic cars in the “Golden Age”, the 1955 Ford T-bird was marketed not as the sports car that it was, but a “personal car.” Why the marketing language? Since the market for cars was so limited at the time, Ford thought this flowery title would give this new car a broader appeal. Allegedly, the general manager of Ford’s division attended an auto show in Paris and was so inspired by their two-seater designs that he left with the vision for the Ford Thunderbird, or “T-bird”. Thus this iconic date-night car was born.

Classic Cars of the 1950's
Classic Cars: Bonneville Convertible

1959 Pontiac Bonneville Convertible
Is there anything sexier than a convertible? True of life back in the rockabilly era and true today! With the 60’s now looming on the horizon, the Bonneville was in full-swing as a top of the line car. This was especially true after the addition a 4-door hardtop model. This model introduced their wide track slogan and split grille, pushing their wheels farther towards the car’s fenders than any other car at the time.

Pinup Girl lipstick for Rockabilly Girls

Classic Rockabilly Cherry Pinup Girl Red Lipstick
Classic Rockabilly Cherry Pinup Girl Red Lipstick

“You can’t go wrong with a dramatic red pout” -Vogue, India. Do you agree?

We’re looking at the perfect pinup girl lipstick for rockabilly girls.

There are a couple of things a pinup girl needs in her arsenal: a sexy pinup dress, perfect pin curls, and that insatiable cherry pinup girl lipstick. Red lips are one of the hallmarks of a pinup girl, but that hasn’t always been the case! Have you ever wondered “Where did red lipstick come from?”

Women have been trying for centuries to perfect that red pout. In fact, did you know that the phrase “Kiss of Death” allegedly comes from a several substances Egyptian women were mixing together in order to create lipstick? Turns out the concoction was highly poisonous and often lead in death. Talk about a pinup girl lipstick fail!
Cleopatra and her Vintage Red Lips
That isn’t the only time our beyond vintage vixens tried to make those classic red lips. Want to learn a pinup girl lipstick blast from the past? Back in the days of Mesopotamia, women used to crush semi-precious red stone and wear them on their lips. Cleopatra later made those berry lips easier, if not a little more disgusting to wear by crushing up a mixture of insects to get that perfect shade of red.

Queen Elizabeth, a Makeup Trendsetter

It’s no secret that Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn’s daughter, Queen Elizabeth 1, was said to be one of the best ruler’s that ever lived. She was a fashion trendsetter, too! Back in the sixteenth century Queen Elizabeth made popular the practice of painting one’s face white and adorning a wicked scarlet lip. Instead of using poisonous ingredients, however, Elizabeth opted for beeswax and botanicals to get the shade she so desired.

Unlike the English, the French believed the more pinup girl red lipstick you wore - the better!
Unlike the English, the French believed the more red you wore – the better!

In the 1700’s life as a makeup lover got extremely tricky in England. Back then, women were not to wear cosmetics before their wedding, as wearing makeup was wholly associated with prostitution. How a fabulous red lip went from being adorned by England’s most prosperous ruler to being something only worn by tarts is beyond mind-boggling!

The Roaring 20’s and the birth of Pinup lipstick

Before long the roaring 20’s were here and makeup was in full swing. The early days of pinup were upon the world. Flapper girls were in full bloom with their dark eye-shadows, elongated brows, fabulous dresses, and that signature vampy pinup girl lipstick.

In the 1950s, lipstick was everywhere. Gorgeous 1950’s pinup girls such as Bettie Page and Marilyn Monroe (who practically made this her signature look) down to a tee. Looking to amp up your rockabilly style with that perfect red pout? Here’s 4 pinup girl lipsticks you need today:


Marilyn's classic red pinup girl lipstick
Marilyn’s classic red pinup girl lipstick

* For that perfect, nautical orangey red, try Heatwave by NARS and pair it with our gorgeous Punkabilly Bikini!

* To achieve the most classic, even toned pinup girl lipstick, try Russian Red by MAC and pair it with our Pinup Flower Dress.

* For a perfect color in-between, try the budget friendly (but absolutely gorgeous) Rich Red Matte Lipstick by Elf Cosmetics (to pair with our Nautical Inspired Sailor top!)

Rockabilly Hair styles for all hair types

Want the pin up girl look without the hassle? Look like Bettie Paige, Dita von Teese, or Marilyn Monroe with these EASY rockabilly hair styles!

Style your Rockabilly Hair for the perfect Pinup look
Style your Rockabilly Hair for the perfect Pinup look

If you’re going to the Rockabilly look or pin up girl style, then there’s one thing you definitely need to know how to do: YOUR ROCKABILLY HAIR! Vintage hair is all about curls, wave, texture, and slick looking hair. But with all of the pin curl bobby pins, hot rollers, brushing and inevitable teasing – doing your hair can get really complicated!

If you’re up for the pin up girl hairstyles, but not up for the effort that goes along with it then you’re in luck. We’re showing you 4 amazing and easy rockabilly hair styles for all hair types! Whether you’re looking for a Bettie Paige hairstyle, how to do victory rolls, or something a little more rock and roll, these video tutorials will have you covered!

Faux Victory Rolls

Want the look of those gorgeously complicated victory rolls, but you’re short on time? Don’t be late for the party. Instead, watch Cherry Dollface’s video on these sexy, easy victory rolls.

7 minute pin curls

Looking for simple 1920’s hair? If you’ve ever wanted classic 1920’s pin up girl glamour of pin-curls without having to sleep on a head full of bobby pins (for those who have ever tried this… ouch!) then this tutorial is for you. Pinup doll Ashley Marie teaches you how to do easy pin curls using only a curling iron and some bobby pins!

The suicide Roll pin up tutorial

This easy vintage rockabilly hair hair tutorial is perfect for a casual night out in your jeans, rockabilly t-shirt, and high pony-tail. Learn to get this perfect suicide roll in under 3 minutes with this easy hair tutorial for long hair.

Easy teased Victory Rolls tutorial

Copy the dark and elegant look of Dita Von Teese and Bettie Paige with this rockabilly vintage over-sized victory roll hair tutorial. This look is easy as pie and definitely makes a sexy rockabilly hair statement!

Remember, practice makes perfect! Once you start to perfect these vintage hairstyles you’ll be ready to move on to more complicated looks. Before long you’ll be inventing your own sexy hairstyles to pair with your rockabilly finds from Punkabilly Clothing!

How to plan the perfect Rockabilly Date with Punkabilly

Looking to plant he perfect Rockabilly Summer date? Here's how!
Looking to plan the perfect Rockabilly Summer date? Here’s how!

Want to impress the pin up girl of your dreams? With a little help from Punkabilly, we’ll help you plan your perfect all-season Rockabilly Date.

Love is in the air! The best part about summer aside from the weather is the rockabilly date ideas and opportunities; events are abundant due to summer festivals and concerts, the weather is fashion-friendly for 50’s rockabilly clothing styles (nothing’s worse for your vintage pin curls and pin up makeup than rainy weather or constant snow… yuck!), not to mention you can pull off the perfect 1950’s date without breaking the bank!

So how do you plan the perfect Rockabilly date? If you’re looking to spice up your summer with your special someone then keep reading for these 4 simple date night ideas for your rockabilly sweetheart.

Old fashioned Diner

One milkshake, two straws, please! Old soda shop style burger joints are practically the birthplace of romantic dates (along with watching sunsets, walks on the beach, and all that jazz!)

One milkshake with two straws, please!
One milkshake with two straws, please!

Get your gal in her best rockabilly swing dress and suit up in your favorite rockabilly greaser outfit to get the true “Grease” style vibe of your diner date. Grab a burger, use the jukebox, dance on the black and white tiled floor, and split a milkshake to recreate the most classically fun 1950’s date night possible.

The Drive In

What is better than a late night, summer drive-in date? Cuddle up close with your sweetie-pie at the drive in for an awesome movie and even better snacks! You can even amp up this idea by renting a projector and setting it up in your backyard for a night-time showing of your favorite classic film. This is vintage dating at its best!

Rockabilly Festivals

Summer festivals abound with unique music, Rockabilly flair, and the spirit of hippie-love. Festivals are a great date idea since you can bond over love of music, meet new people, and get excited about your favorite band. Did you know that one study by Stanford University found that music engages the same areas of the brain that are responsible for memory, attention, and the ability to make predictions? So not only will you be having a kick-ass time listening to your favorite bands with your sweetheart, you’ll also be exercising your brain! Look up the local Rockabilly fairs in your area for some amazing throwback music and suit up for a hot day date. Don’t forget the sunscreen!

Old car shows

Image from which was labeled for reuse
Bring your gal to the next swingin’ classic car show

Bring your gal to a classic car show. Many towns and cities put on local classic car shows, showcasing 57 Chevy’s, classic Cadillac’s, Buick Roadmasters, and the gorgeous Austin A40. Famously, the burger chain A&W puts on “Cruisin’ the Dub”, a classic car night that transports

you back in time. This date night is fun for both parties, as the guys can drool over the classic cars and marvel at the 1950’s prices (under $2000 for a brand new car!) while the girls are be taken in by the kitschy romance of it all. Have your girl dress up in her 1950’s finest (like our Black Skulls and Roses Rockabilly halter dress!) and grease back your hair before slipping on your best leather jacket for a truly unique date night!

When it comes to Rockabilly style dating – details are key! Whatever you choose for date-night, make sure you show your sweetheart a good time.