How to plan the perfect Rockabilly Date with Punkabilly

Looking to plant he perfect Rockabilly Summer date? Here's how!
Looking to plan the perfect Rockabilly Summer date? Here’s how!

Want to impress the pin up girl of your dreams? With a little help from Punkabilly, we’ll help you plan your perfect all-season Rockabilly Date.

Love is in the air! The best part about summer aside from the weather is the rockabilly date ideas and opportunities; events are abundant due to summer festivals and concerts, the weather is fashion-friendly for 50’s rockabilly clothing styles (nothing’s worse for your vintage pin curls and pin up makeup than rainy weather or constant snow… yuck!), not to mention you can pull off the perfect 1950’s date without breaking the bank!

So how do you plan the perfect Rockabilly date? If you’re looking to spice up your summer with your special someone then keep reading for these 4 simple date night ideas for your rockabilly sweetheart.

Old fashioned Diner

One milkshake, two straws, please! Old soda shop style burger joints are practically the birthplace of romantic dates (along with watching sunsets, walks on the beach, and all that jazz!)

One milkshake with two straws, please!
One milkshake with two straws, please!

Get your gal in her best rockabilly swing dress and suit up in your favorite rockabilly greaser outfit to get the true “Grease” style vibe of your diner date. Grab a burger, use the jukebox, dance on the black and white tiled floor, and split a milkshake to recreate the most classically fun 1950’s date night possible.

The Drive In

What is better than a late night, summer drive-in date? Cuddle up close with your sweetie-pie at the drive in for an awesome movie and even better snacks! You can even amp up this idea by renting a projector and setting it up in your backyard for a night-time showing of your favorite classic film. This is vintage dating at its best!

Rockabilly Festivals

Summer festivals abound with unique music, Rockabilly flair, and the spirit of hippie-love. Festivals are a great date idea since you can bond over love of music, meet new people, and get excited about your favorite band. Did you know that one study by Stanford University found that music engages the same areas of the brain that are responsible for memory, attention, and the ability to make predictions? So not only will you be having a kick-ass time listening to your favorite bands with your sweetheart, you’ll also be exercising your brain! Look up the local Rockabilly fairs in your area for some amazing throwback music and suit up for a hot day date. Don’t forget the sunscreen!

Old car shows

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Bring your gal to the next swingin’ classic car show

Bring your gal to a classic car show. Many towns and cities put on local classic car shows, showcasing 57 Chevy’s, classic Cadillac’s, Buick Roadmasters, and the gorgeous Austin A40. Famously, the burger chain A&W puts on “Cruisin’ the Dub”, a classic car night that transports

you back in time. This date night is fun for both parties, as the guys can drool over the classic cars and marvel at the 1950’s prices (under $2000 for a brand new car!) while the girls are be taken in by the kitschy romance of it all. Have your girl dress up in her 1950’s finest (like our Black Skulls and Roses Rockabilly halter dress!) and grease back your hair before slipping on your best leather jacket for a truly unique date night!

When it comes to Rockabilly style dating – details are key! Whatever you choose for date-night, make sure you show your sweetheart a good time.

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