Rockabilly Hair styles for all hair types

Want the pin up girl look without the hassle? Look like Bettie Paige, Dita von Teese, or Marilyn Monroe with these EASY rockabilly hair styles!

Style your Rockabilly Hair for the perfect Pinup look
Style your Rockabilly Hair for the perfect Pinup look

If you’re going to the Rockabilly look or pin up girl style, then there’s one thing you definitely need to know how to do: YOUR ROCKABILLY HAIR! Vintage hair is all about curls, wave, texture, and slick looking hair. But with all of the pin curl bobby pins, hot rollers, brushing and inevitable teasing – doing your hair can get really complicated!

If you’re up for the pin up girl hairstyles, but not up for the effort that goes along with it then you’re in luck. We’re showing you 4 amazing and easy rockabilly hair styles for all hair types! Whether you’re looking for a Bettie Paige hairstyle, how to do victory rolls, or something a little more rock and roll, these video tutorials will have you covered!

Faux Victory Rolls

Want the look of those gorgeously complicated victory rolls, but you’re short on time? Don’t be late for the party. Instead, watch Cherry Dollface’s video on these sexy, easy victory rolls.

7 minute pin curls

Looking for simple 1920’s hair? If you’ve ever wanted classic 1920’s pin up girl glamour of pin-curls without having to sleep on a head full of bobby pins (for those who have ever tried this… ouch!) then this tutorial is for you. Pinup doll Ashley Marie teaches you how to do easy pin curls using only a curling iron and some bobby pins!

The suicide Roll pin up tutorial

This easy vintage rockabilly hair hair tutorial is perfect for a casual night out in your jeans, rockabilly t-shirt, and high pony-tail. Learn to get this perfect suicide roll in under 3 minutes with this easy hair tutorial for long hair.

Easy teased Victory Rolls tutorial

Copy the dark and elegant look of Dita Von Teese and Bettie Paige with this rockabilly vintage over-sized victory roll hair tutorial. This look is easy as pie and definitely makes a sexy rockabilly hair statement!

Remember, practice makes perfect! Once you start to perfect these vintage hairstyles you’ll be ready to move on to more complicated looks. Before long you’ll be inventing your own sexy hairstyles to pair with your rockabilly finds from Punkabilly Clothing!

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