The Ultimate Girlfriend Gift Guide – Rockabilly Style!

girlfriend gift guideAnniversary and holidays both have one thing in common: Presents! Get your girlfriend what she wants this year with our girlfriend gift guide.

Do you smile with joy, or cringe with discomfort when your girlfriend is opening your latest gift to her? If the answer is the latter, then you’ve got a problem. Whether it’s a holiday or an anniversary, there are plenty of occasions to give gifts. We want to make sure you’re giving her the right one. If you think girls are hard to shop for, you’re wrong! Lucky for those who aren’t good at the whole gift-giving arrangement – we’ve put together a rockabilly girlfriend gift guide to get you started.

Rockabilly Girlfriend Gift Guide


Any pinup girl who’s worth her weight is going to fall madly in love with any rockabilly clothes you gift her way. But if you’re looking for something extra special, gift her a traditional rockabilly swing dress (Pictured). These dresses look expensive and hug her curves in all the right places. We promise she’ll be going ga-ga for any dresses in our rockabilly lineup.

girlfriend gift guide

Hey, what girl ever turned down a silver bracelet or diamond necklace? No one, that’s who. Find a local jewelry store that’s running a sale and you can pick your girlfriend up a beautiful piece of jewelry for $100 or less. Remember, you can’t go wrong with tasteful hearts or classic diamond earrings. Dont’ have the big bucks for diamonds? Go casual with fun and flirty costume jewelry, like our rockabilly earrings.

Makeup, anyone? No rockabilly or pin up girl can be complete with a thick helping of mascara! Your local makeup store (think Sephora or Ulta) is going to be your new best friend when shopping for your girlfriend. If you don’t know specifically what type of makeup she uses, stay away from foundations and concealers. Instead stick to sexy hot red lipstick, black eyeliners, face masks, and holiday bundles. These are safe bets that are sure to get you a kiss of approval!

Rockabilly Bag

Every girl is going to love getting a cute new purse to carry around. Check out our rockabilly bowling bag complete with leopard print detailing around the zipper, rockabilly illustrations, and leather quilting up
the sides!
Girls can be fickle about many things, but presents don’t make the list! The next time you feel stumped over gift-giving, feel free to consult our rockabilly girlfriend gift guide.

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