Bra Size – How to properly measure your girls

Bras and boobies go together like Bonnie and Clyde. Want to fit your sexy pinup clothes like a dream? Learn how to measure your bra size today!

Bras and boobies go together like Bonnie and Clyde… or more traditionally (and less, bank robbery?) bread and butter! Wearing that perfect bra can make or break the way an outfit comes together. Wearing the proper bra size is going to effect the way a dress is going to fit – not to mention how your girls are going to hold up in the future. With how important proper support is, it’s shocking to know that 1/3 of women are still wearing the wrong bra size, and they know it!

Learn to measure your bra size!
Shop smart! Measure your bra size properly before buying.

If women know they’re denying their breasts the ultimate comfort from a proper bra size, why wouldn’t they correct the issue? In truth, many women don’t want to admit that their breasts are actually smaller than the cup size they are wearing. While it may make you feel better to wear a bigger cup size, we promise your breasts are going to look 100% sexier now (and especially in the future) if you support them in their proper size.

But how do you tell if you’re wearing the wrong bra size? You’ve likely been wearing the same size bra for years now. “I know my boobs!” you may argue, but if you suffer from any of the following issues, you may be wearing the wrong boulder-holder!

#1. An active bra. Your bra should stay put against your breasts, back, and shoulders. If your bra is moving around or your band isn’t staying put, you’re probably wearing the wrong bra size.

#2. A strap up the back. No… not that kind of strap! The back strap of your bra should be sitting around the middle of your back, not up in between your shoulders. If you have a traveling back bra strap then you need to re-size.

#3. Uncomfortable under-wire. The wires inside of your bra should perfectly cup your breasts and lay flat and comfortable against the skin.

#4. Bulging boobies. Overflowing breasts might sound fantastic, but the reality is quite uncomfortable. Your breasts should fit neatly inside of your bra cups, not be exploding out of them.

So how do you properly measure the girls?

How to measure your bra size is a highly searched query online. Measuring your breasts are all about numbers. Before you measure you’re going to want to stand in front of a mirror and put on your most comfortable fitting bra size (NOT padded or push-up!) To get the accurate size of your cups and band you’re going to need a fabric measuring tape. This will ensure your tape will easily bend around your body for ultimate accuracy.

Learn to measure your bra size!
Learn to measure your boobies!


Your band size is located just above your breasts and is the number portion of a bra measurement. Start by wrapping your measuring tape around the area above your breasts, under your arms, and around your back. If you end up with an odd number, round it down to the next even number. The number you’re left with will be your band size!


Your lovely cups are obviously your breasts and make up the lettered portion of a bra measurement. Wrap your soft measuring tape around your back and bring it round to the front, measuring to the fullest part of your breasts (usually at nipple level.) Again, round down your measurement to the nearest even number.

So where does the letter come from? Easy! Take the cup size (example, 34″) and subtract it from your band size (example, 37″) You’re left with the number 3. Now, count your alphabet: A (1), B (2), and 3 (C)! Since you were left with a 3, which means your cup size is a C.

Now that you know how to properly measure you’re girls – it’s time to get shopping!

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