Rockabilly Spring

Looking to spice up your rockabilly Spring wardrobe? Check out these great new finds from Punkabilly Clothing.

Springtime is very inspirational for improving your fashion style. Bright colors and light fabrics, Sun and the slow breeze, it all goes with the perfect Rockabilly spring style. Although the latest fashion trends require simplicity and imply mono-color clothes with some mild patterns and discrete design, you can still make your spring awesome, rocking and original. How else are you going to prepare for a swell summer?

Rockabilly can be the key to a colorful spring outfit and our retro clothing shop is here with plenty of suggestions for this season.

1. Dress

A good dress is a synonym for springtime. Grab it and wake up your elegance. Our suggestion is red hot rockabilly model with tattooed rose motives and traces of 50’s pin up style. This knee length dress will point out your body’s curves and hide the unwanted excesses and flaws. It is quite convenient for combining with various kinds of accessories. This rockabilly piece is rebellious, but still very gentle.

Rockabilly Rose Dress
Rockabilly Rose Dress

2. Skirt + top

If you are having problems with deciding what to match, here’s a ready-made set of suggestions which always work. Black, red and white combo is always safe, but still rocking.

This skirt is very practical for everyday walks, it’s light, sexy and attractive. Most of all, it is a great base for a cool combination.

Rockabilly Spring Skirt
Rockabilly Spring Skirt

Cherries on top are our suggestion for sweetening your rockabilly spring outfit. This piece will paint your days retro. Be ready to experience the freshest taste of 50’s!

Rockabilly Spring Cherry Top
Rockabilly Spring Cherry Top

3. Leggings + T-Shirt

Make an awesome rockabilly chaos by matching these models with interesting skeleton prints. It can be a great fashion experiment.

These leggings are comfortable, adorable and crazy.


This T-Shirt is simple, but effective, with a detailed and artistic print.


You can enrich your springtime style and rebellious mood using a variety of other rockabilly motives, such as crossbones, nautical stars, animal prints, checked patterns etc, but try to make them complete. Never forget the details. Our collections of accessories abound with inspiration. Chase some good ideas on pages full of wonderful jewelry, neck ties, gloves, pendants, suspenders and other retro inspired bits.

4. Wallet

One of our favorite accessory recommendations is a good wallet. Peek into our punk wallets collection and enjoy these colorfully designed models. They come in various sizes and patterns, with an important common feature of high quality. This skeleton rose model will level up your style!


Finally, rockabilly is just one way to make your spring style awesome. You can always complete it with a bit of pin up, punk rock, navy style, polka dots, spider webs etc. Mix it all with your own aspirations and all of your trends will be original. If you want to keep up with our latest collections and get your fashion inspiration, drop by our page with the new items, where you’ll get some fresh ideas for rockabilly spring combinations & much more!

Pinup Movies featuring the Pinup Greats

Pinup movies are a true embodiment of pinup girls: sexy, seductive, and scandalous! Here are some of our favorites.

As the main art of the 20th century, film is dealing with many other forms of art. Famous pinup girls were not only movie stars – pinup culture was an inspiration for many movies as well. Some of those pinup movies present us lives and work of famous divas, while others abound with retro spirit and give us a ticket for a time travel. What’s also interesting is the fact that many of those movies had a fashion influence at certain moments. Before you fall in love with the swell fashion of our pin up clothing shop, take a look at our list of suggestions for pin up movie fun.

1. The Notorious Bettie Page

This biography feature was released in 2005 and directed by Mary Harron. It is inspired by life and controversy of famous 50’s pinup model Bettie Page. Although some of the dialogues are authentic, it is not completely historically accurate and some of the movie events are fiction products, but regardless of that, it is still an exquisite motion picture. It brings out the essence of Bettie’s turbulent life and sketches the outlines of her style.

Pinup Movies: The Notorious Bettie Page
The Notorious Bettie Page

2. PinUp Girl

One of the earliest pinup movies was released in 1944 and it is a musical romance. The star of this movie is Betty Grable, famous for her bikini photo which was most reproduced photo during the WWII. It is an interesting story enriched with wonderful and elegant costumes. This movie has increased the popularity of certain models of dresses, which is pretty visible in many pin up collections nowadays.

Pinup Movies:
Pin Up Girl

3. Rita Hayworth Movies

Rita Hayworth is extraordinary for many reasons. She was one of the first actresses who have dyed their hair for the movies. Her acting was equally as magnificent as her unique style. And her style is pure retro glamour – long evening dresses, neat curly hair and classic pinup makeup (dark eyes and prominent lipstick). She became worldwide famous thanks to her movies such as Gilda (1946, directed by Charles Vidor), The Lady from Shangai (1947, directed by Orson Welles) and Pal Joey (1957, directed by Sidney George).

Pinup Movies
Pal Joey

4. Marilyn Monroe Movies

Marilyn Monroe was a unique diva and if we would have to name one woman with the biggest contribution to the overall pin up world, she would definitely be The One. She has popularized the classic pinup look – curly short blond hair combined with red hot lipstick. Her elegance is a timeless quality and it is highly expressed in her pinup movies. She has acted in 33 movies and Some Like It Hot is the most popular. She also had big success in Howard Hawks’ movies Monkey Business and Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. There are numerous documentaries about this star including the movie Love, Marilyn released in 2012. This movie is partially based on her personal papers.

Pinup movies
Monkey Business

Movies are a wonderful and fun way to find out more about rich pin up culture. With a larger knowledge acquired from the movies, it will be easier for you to find an inspiration for your personal pin up style.

Earrings – Punk, Rockabilly and Retro Styles

Earrings can make all the difference in your rockabilly ensemble. Add some spice to your finished look with these rockabilly styles.

Simply defined, earrings are kind of decorative item for ears. Their name comes from their original and most common annular shape. Now, the more accurate definition of earrings is that they are often girl’s best friends and a determinant of the style. Not only women, but men also enjoy upgrading their image using these accessories. Through the history, the earrings have had many roles in traditional, social and fashion context. Today it can also be an interesting indicator of a person’s attitude, habits and style.

There are two basic kinds of earrings – the clip-on and piercing styles. Also, there are many subtypes of this jewelry. We differentiate them by their size, shape, pendants, materials etc. Also, for the piercing it is very important where are they settled. Traditionally, they are placed on the earlaps, but nowadays, it can be in any part of the lobe. Earrings have their special names based on their position: helix, industrial, rook, daith, tragus, snug, conch, anti-tragus and lobe.

interesting lobe earrings
interesting lobe earrings

The history of earrings is very long – they are among the oldest ways of decorating the body. There are many archaeological, and even one Biblical proof for that. They have had different roles in every culture and different meaning. It is known that men wearing earring isn’t a modern phenomenon. Even William Shakespeare, as well as many other important poets, had a pierced ear lobe. The African tribes also have interesting ways of piercing ears. Their ear decorations take an important place in tribal culture and beliefs. They often wear plugs and tunnels. Inspired by such accessories, we have created our own line of jewelry available here.

African tribal plug earrings
African tribal plug

Earrings are very important in punk culture and they were always a rebellious accessory. Striking and prominent shapes, colors and sizes are a punk default. The cool old punk rock motives such as skeleton heads, nautical stars, anarchy sign etc. are present on punkers, as well as on all the others fashion accessories. We are happy to offer you several splendid pages with such models.

Punk earrings
Punk earrings

Rockabilly ways are slightly different, but as awesome as the punk style features. Rockabilly earrings imply motives such as fire, playing cards, rolling dices, sweet cherries, checked design and similar. We can offer you high quality punkabilly fun packed in these swell models. Beside the studs we also have many models with pendants.

Rockabilly earrings
Rockabilly earrings

Finally, the retro features are also with us in this jewelry collection. High quality and affordable prices are equally present as the original and rebellious design. Beside some classic models with animal and floral prints, you can also find studs with printed pin up girls.

Pin up earrings
Pin up earrings

The jewelry trends are changing, but trends should only be an inspiration for our unique style. Adapt your earrings to the occasions and the trends, but above everything – adapt them to your own personality and style aspirations.

Punk Style and Rock Legend Fashion

Punk style has hit everywhere from underground rock legend’s to mainstream pop artists. Here’s what you can learn from the punk rock style.

Ever since it showed up, punk style was very specific when it comes to fashion. But despite many common style features, there are numerous differences between punk fashion lovers. Most famous punkers are an obvious proof for that. Some of them improvise and rely on their creativity, while the others do not even look like punkers. That’s the evidence that punk style emerges from an attitude, not from the fashion magazines. So, let’s get to know the style of the most popular punk musicians.

1. Johnny Rotten and Sid Vicious (Sex Pistols)
As the pioneers of this awesome music, they have also had a big influence in punk fashion. Their style was not less than shocking. They wear a lot of leather on many photos. Also, shredded jeans, mesh shirts, safety pins and a lot of chains – that’s what made their punk style so recognizable. Inspired by their metal accessories, we have prepared a fresh collection of wallet chains for you. Also, their hairstyles were pretty specific and crazy.

punk style
Sex Pistols

2. Patti Smith
This punk lady lets her songs talk about her style instead of her clothes. Her combinations often imply large shirts and thin neckties. Actually, her hair is her most rebellious punk style feature. Long and dark, with specific fringes. Also, she rarely wears makeup. Her overall appearance is absolutely bohemian and artistic. Even though she looks like she doesn’t pay a lot of attention to her image, she has managed to become a kind of punk fashion icon.

punk style
Patti Smith

3. Ramones
This band had many members, but the change of the members has never changed the band’s image. Their style is actually a little bit different from the “regular” punk appearance and they look more like rock stars. Their specifically shaped black hair with fringes gives special charm to their not so specific clothing style, usually consisted of jeans and black leather jackets. As for the details, Ramones were mostly into the leather bracelets. You can check out something similar right here.

punk style

4. Avril Lavigne
Hardcore punk style lovers often deny Avril’s significance for the music, but when it comes to the spreading of punk clothing style among the youngest people, her contribution is undoubted. Her style can easiest be described as skate punk, but that’s not all. There are many features unique for her style, such as checked materials, long striped socks, skeletons printed everywhere, crazy colors in hair and, of course, the unusual neckties. You can find some awesome punk ties right on these pages.

punk style

Many other punk stars have equally interesting style as the listed ones, while the other significant musicians don’t really bother with the style that much. Both ways, punk and its style come from the heart. That’s how we create the collections for our punk rock clothing shop – from the heart, with a lot of love. Explore our pages and build up your own rebellious style. We are sure that you will look like a punk star.

Bracelets – History, Meaning, and Rockabilly Style

Being a true lady implies that you will always pay attention to every detail, with a special focus on jewelry. Therefore, bracelets are probably an important part of your everyday combinations.

The word “bracelet” is from French language and, literally translated, it means “arm ring”. Although it is mostly regarded as an ornament and fashion detail, bracelet is actually an important and interesting, history-rich item.

At first, bracelets were worn not only for aesthetic purposes, but for religious reasons as well. The oldest bracelet is worn in Southern Mesopotamia around 2500 BC, while it was also worn in Egypt around 2000 BC. However, newer studies show that bracelet could be worn in Egypt in 5000 BC! How amazing! Bracelet went through a personal evolution, changing its purpose, looks and materials. At first, it was made of bones, and later came the leather, cloth, wood, metal etc.

Old bracelet

In different cultures, bracelets have different significance. In Greece and Bulgaria, for example, women wear special bracelets in order to please spring goddesses and make spring come sooner. In India, there’s something more than a belief related to the bracelets – it is considered that bracelets (as well as anklets) stimulate the acupressure points of the uterus.

Common Indian bracelets

Of course, bracelets can be a symbol of social status, made of silver, gold, or ornamented with some diamonds. But, they can also be an expression of creativity. Lately, homemade bracelets are very popular. You can make own creation form beads or polymer clay and have exactly what you want.

Polymer clay bracelet

It should be pointed out that we differ several kinds of bracelets: charm bracelets, bangles, slap bracelets, beaded bracelets, link bracelets and sport bracelets. These would be the basic kinds.

Of course, punk and rockabilly culture makes everything cooler and our collection proves it. Rockabilly spirit comes strong in our high quality leather bracelets. These vintage inspired pieces of jewelry give you the recognizable retro and rockabilly motives: cherries, polka dots and even leopard print. We are also happy to present you the checked leather bracelets in several colors. You will also find the most punk model of them all – specially designed bracelet with studs. We also offer you symbolical rubber bracelets in couple of colors. For hard rock style lovers, we have some plain black leather models with metal parts.

Checked bracelet

To see more retro jewel collections, visit our punk style clothing shop. We offer you many options for combining your new bracelet. Beside the unique design, you will be pleasantly surprised by the affordability and well pleased by our high quality. We are happy for sharing our love for punkabilly style with you and we will be glad to bring you delight with our collections. If you want to stay up to date, don’t forget to visit our page with the latest items. Enjoy your punk rockabilly days and have a swell & peachy time.

Pin Up Divas: Notorious and Stylish

In a nutshell – pin up style is iconic. It’s time to introduce you to three wonderful ladies which are very important part of that history

In a nutshell – pin up style is iconic and it has its numerous recognizable features. Unique retro dresses, specially designed swimwear, certain hairstyles and makeup rules – that’s all part of well-defined pin up world. As we have already discussed about the history of pin up girls, it is time to introduce you to three wonderful ladies which are very important part of that history. Their lives and careers are a big contribution to the overall pin up style.

1. The Unsurpassed Marilyn Monroe
This movie sweetie is not only important for the film culture – she was also a fashion icon responsible for various pop trends. As a woman with sumptuous body, she looked wonderful in classic 50’s dresses. She was a personification of style. Regardless of her movie parts, she was always elegant, sweet and peachy. Let’s put aside her controversies, affairs and other gossip. Her fashion influence is more important and permanent than everything else. Some of the dresses from our collection are pretty much Marilyn-inspired.

Marilyn’s contribution to the pin up style: Short stylized curly blonde hair combined with fiery red lipstick and dark makeup on eyes. Swaying knee-length dresses with prominent décolleté, simple and elegant. For more enjoyment of her style, we warmly recommend her movie hits “Gentlemen Prefer Blonde” and “Some Like It Hot”.

Pin up girl

2. The Fantastic Rita Hayworth
This famous film lady was also a wonderful pin up model. Her looks and personality were so prominent that famous writer Stephen King took her as inspiration for his short story called “Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption”. This story is the base of the movie “Shawshank Redemption” which is currently the best movie of all times, according to the votes of IMDB members. What made this woman so popular? First of all, her elegance. Her grace and her courage for changes – she has changed her hair color eight times because her roles required that.

Rita’s contribution to the pin up style: Long elegant dresses with long slits aside. Red hair combined with soft makeup on lips. Restrained elegance and effeminate posture.

Pin up girl

3. The Notorious Bettie Page
The “Queen of Pinups”, as she was often called, was one of the most prominent fashion models of 50’s. Provocative and innocent looking at the same time, she was a winning combination. Her photos were published in Playboy and Playboy founder Hugh Hefner says that Bettie was an extraordinary figure with a big influence in various areas. Unfortunately, the later part of Bettie’s life was filled with psychological problems, depression, violent mood swings etc. She has spent some time in a mental hospital. For more information about her stormy life, enjoy the movie called “The Notorious Bettie Page”.

Bettie’s contribution to the pin up style: Black hair with unusually lifted fringe, combined with fiery red lipstick. Provocative and peachy combinations.

Pin up girl

We are thankful to these lovely ladies for everything they have popularized. Inspired by these vintage pin up icons, we are proud to present you our collection of retro clothing for women. Enjoy following the trace of these great pin up dolls.

Ties: Rockabilly and Punk Styles

You don’t have to be sporting a tux to be decked out in a tie in the rockabilly world. Punk ties are all the rage, and it isn’t just men who are wearing them!

At first, they were strictly men’s accessory, but today ladies also wear them. Also, they used to be made only for special occasions, but diversity of models made them convenient for everyday happenings. Although sometimes it’s very complicated to tie a tie, it is very popular decorative fashion detail among the people who like to keep their style impressive and original.

The story of the tie is no older than four centuries. In 1635 it was worn by Croatian soldiers. At the beginning, it was just a scarf tied around the neck. Those soldiers were in the service of the French king, who was delighted with this unusual fashion bit. Actually, the whole Europe was soon very delighted with it. England saw its first tie when Charles II came back from exile. In the speed of light it has became an important style determinant.


Now, punk ties are adorable and attractive, but they can also be frustrating. Many people find tying the ties very complicated. Basically, it is not all that hard and it only takes practice and experience. There are several ways to tie a necktie and several kinds of the knots. When it comes to choosing the type of the knot, there are some rules. For example – when you have a shirt with a narrow collar, you should tie a narrowed knot, while wider collars require the so called Windsor knot. But the options are numerous and here are some of them:

Types of knots for ties
Types of knots

Punk and rockabilly culture is also very open for awesome details like neckties. Punk ties have a special meaning. Beside the aesthetic effect, which is usually badass, there’s the social meaning. Since ties are often worn in offices and since they are a kind of symbol of uniformity, punk rock lovers actually wear them ironically. Punk, as the area of high creativity and originality, combines the craziest ties with all the possible clothing options. Punk girls often combine ties with awesome skirts like these or even with some swell and elegant dresses like the ones from this collection. All the fashion rules are now broken.

Punk ties
Punk tie

Inspired by retro punk and rockabilly spirit, we made a crazy little collection. It is here, waiting for you to make your choice. The good old punk symbols like skulls, playing cards and rockabilly animal print are placed on the high quality materials. These punk ties are classic, retro, but also fresh and fashionable. They have the power of turning your everyday clothing combinations into something extraordinary and awesome. They can also loosen up your elegant evening combinations. The keyword is game: play with the endless opportunities of the ties.

Punk ties: Punkabilly tie
Punkabilly tie

We’re waiting for you with many other awesome fashion details. Our punk rock clothing community is ready to help you keep the rebellion alive and make your style complete. Visit us and enjoy this fashion art full of true vintage punk!

Pinup Makeup and Rockabilly styles

Beside the unique clothing style, rockabilly culture has its own pinup makeup rules which make it complete and recognizable. Prominent lipstick, emphasized eyes and adorable dolish look give this style a special note.

Pinup girls usually look like their makeup is done by the professionals, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is. When you know the basic rules, you can easily switch your previous makeup style to the glamorous rockabilly/pinup makeup. We have some practical tips for you to help you build up your vintage fashion getup.

1. First of all, you need to keep your skin healthy and implement the adequate care. Healthy skin is beautiful skin. Pinup makeup make you look like a living doll, so the pure skin is desirable. When you have good skin, it’s easy to choose the base makeup. Usually, retro looks imply the pale tan, but it’s not a norm. Choose whatever you think goes best with your natural tan.

pinup makeup
healthy skin – beautiful skin

2. When your base is ready, you can put some blush. But be careful, because sometimes blush can look as exaggeration, especially when your eyes and lips have strong and prominent makeup. After all, as it’s mentioned, pin up mostly implies a pale tan.

pinup makeup

3. Eyebrows are extremely important, since they really visually affect the shape of the face. Rockabilly girls prefer stronger and thicker eyebrows with natural line. You can always boost them with an eyebrow pencil. It’s important to use the color similar to your eyebrows color. Also, if you dye your hair, keep your eyebrow color matched with the hair color. Speaking of hair, you can always decorate it with a hair accessory, and we’re at your service with a splendid retro collection.

pinup makeup

4. When it comes to eyes, pinup makeup comes to the fore. Vintage ladies use a couple of tricks to make eyes specially highlighted. First of all, you can put some light eye-shadow similar to the skin color. Apply it all over the eyelids, up to the eyebrows. You can make it darker right above the eyelashes. Then you can apply the eyeliner. Pencil eyeliner is probably the easiest and the fastest way. Put it along the eyelid and then lift it up aside and you’ll get something like cat eyes. Optionally, you can also use a black shadow and eye pencil. Black mascara can also give you a special effect.

pinup makeup
Pin up eyes

5. Fiery-colored lips are the trademark of pin up makeup. No matter will you choose the flaming red, bright orange, maroon or other color, your lips will draw the most of attention. So, try to choose a high quality lipstick and choose it by your own aspirations. Also, avoid the glossy and take the matte lipsticks.

And your vintage pinup makeup is done!

pinup makeup
Complete makeup

Step by step, you will develop your own variations of this classic pinup makeup model. This practical set of rules is convenient for everyday occasions and for evening happenings, so we’re sure you’ll be happy to try it. But pinup makeup is just the crown of style. To complete the rest of the pin up puzzle, visit us and explore our collection of rockabilly women clothing.

Skirts through the time

Skirts are an essential to any rockabilly gal’s closet. The Little Black Skirt is nearly as popular as the Little Black Dress. We’re looking at rockabilly skirts and how to style them.

We live in era when fashion trends appear and disappear so often that we cannot even remember what was popular only few years ago. But before this hurried time, fashion had its long and slow changing history. And her majesty – the skirt – has an interesting place in all the fashion history sources.

Skirts: Her majesty
Her majesty – The skirt

First of all, this wonderful fashion invention was unisex at first. Furthermore, men in ancient Rome were really big fans of skirts. Today, man skirts are called kilts are still present in Scotland.

Skirts: Collection of skirts for Roman soldiers
Collection of skirts for Roman soldiers

Women were trapped in long skirts for a long time. It is interesting that men were wearing mini’s long before the women. Women had to wait for centuries to get this privilege. Up to then, they had different versions of long models. Sometimes the skirts were broad, with a complicated support construction underneath and bunch of underskirts. Such flamboyant styles were combined with uptight corsets. Seems unpractical, but it looks like it’s from a fairy tale.

Skirts: 18th century fashion
18th century fashion

Later on, the 60’s of the 20th century have brought us the hippie movement and colorful, long, swaying skirts with flower motives. Also, Marry Quant, the famous fashion designer, has made the first mini skirt ever in. Leslie Newson, also known as Twiggy, was the first model on the runway dressed in a mini.

Skirts: Twiggy

As for the punk style, it sure adores the skirts. These skirts are provocative, not only by their length, but by their daring to combine different flows. They are often decorated with lace or metal details like chains or safety pins. Also, they often have some patches, like the ones from our collection. Tartan cloth is very popular in punk and when it comes to skirts, the rule is: the shorter – the better! Regular jean fabrics are widely used and they are usually torn up in some parts. Punk ladies love to combine their skirts with colorful tights or mesh stockings.

Skirts: Punk skirt
Punk skirt

And rockabilly has its specialties when it comes to skirts, too. The famous animal print in different variations is present here as well. Motives like skulls and roses are also popular, equally as the lace details and checked fabrics. Nautical skirt models are inevitable, of course.

Skirts: Rockabilly skirt
Rockabilly skirt

Nowadays, skirts are more popular than ever. Inspired by the swell spirit of 50′s and rockabilly style, fueled by 70’s and punk rock, we have made a sweet litle collection. Here you can find a variety of shorter and longer mini’s, colorful models made of high quality materials, pieces convenient for everyday and special occasions. As always, our retro ways are mixed with the hottest contemporary trends. A little bit of pin up and a little bit of punk, all sewn into these rebellious, elegant and sexy combinations. It all comes with affordable prices. And that’s just one part of our kingdom of rockabilly clothing for women. Enjoy exploring our pages and upgrading your own style.

Punk Prejudice – Beating the stereotype

Punk Prejudice exists, and the world of punk music and fashion is no exception. Punk Prejudices made life as a wild-child that much harder. But why?

Every good, strong phenomenon and its style usually has a large veil of steady rumors, widespread views which are often very negative and shallow or superficial labels. Well, most of those aren’t true and they make an artificial constructed darkness around the wonderful world of eternal fashion and unique music, which strongly inspires our collections presented here. When we talk about punk music and culture, it’s hard to avoid all the hard and dark charges. People are easy on delusions when it comes to punk music and fashion. To set loose those ugly myths, we bring you a list of most popular Punk Prejudice and some of the many counter-arguments.

Punk fashion is extremely dark. This punk prejudice is WRONG! It is dark, but not extremely. Actually, colorful details are very common among punk lovers, as you can make sure in this special category. Hair dyed in bright red, green or even pink is also frequent. And not to mention the tartan cloth and other crazy colored combinations. Since punk originates from social dissatisfaction and some dark moods, a little bit of darkness is necessary. But if music was in colors, the vigorous punk chords would be a hard rocking rainbow.

Punk Prejudices
colorful & powerful

Punk artists and fans are drunks and druggies. That’s a hard one and very, very WRONG one. Drug and alcohol abuse status has nothing to do with the music or fashion style. This punk prejudice linking some addicting vice to a certain style and music is just a superficial labeling. Maybe some of the punk stars did end up their lives thanks to the drugs, but it’s not a general rule. Listening to a certain kind of music and wearing certain clothes is not enough to ruin your life with drugs, so blaming punk for it is simply mindless.

Punk Prejudices
Do we count love as a drug?

Punk prejudice: punkers are uneducated bums. Well, when it comes to the education, some of the punk musicians are ready to break the regular oppinion that punkers are stupid. Dexter Holland, the lead singer of The Offspring has and M.S. in molecular biology. Also, Greg Graffin, the lead singer of Bad Religion, actually has a Ph.D. and he was a teacher at the University of California. He is also a straight edge. So, I guess that’s settled then.

Punk Prejudices
smart & punk

Punk lovers are aggressive. This punk prejudice is definitely WRONG. Actually, punk lovers usually expel the excess of energy trough the music or jumping around on the shows. Yeah, a mess can happen, sometimes they put up a fight – but when you are at a punk show, you probably won’t see the whole audience fighting.

Punk Prejudices
Peaceful punks

Well, that’s just a part of a big pile of punk prejudices. It all overshadows the punk fashion and when someone wears the awesome punk clothes, he or she often has to confront some offensive looks in public. Many decades after its outbreak, punk still shocks the majority. Well, even though it is sad that it still causes such reactions and prejudices, its provoking abilities are also its biggest power.