Mens T-shirts: history and our rockabilly collection

Think men don’t care for fashion? Think again! We’re looking at the evolution of mens t-shirts & the male fashion world

For a long time, men are interested in fashion almost equally as the ladies. More and more men consider that their own overall style is very important part of their personality. Clothes don’t make the man, but you can surely find out a lot about him by analyzing the characteristics of his style. What mostly draws attention on a man is usually a men’s T-shirt.

Mens T-shirts are favorite piece of clothes among many men and women, because of comfort and practicallity, but it is also an important detail for fashion games.

The mens T-shirt has a short history. Its origins are actually related to the sailors, who had problems with heavy and bulky undershirts. At the beginning of the 20th century, they replaced those undershirts with light short sleeved shirts. By the beginning of 20’s the term ‘T-shirt’, which refers to the shirt’s shape, was widely accepted. This piece of clothes soon became a standard part of the army underwear. So, basically, we can thank the army for popularization of this comfortable thing.

mens t-shirts
Its majesty, the T-shirt

Hollywood also had a role in popularization of mens T-shirts. Let’s just mention James Dean in movie “Rebel without a cause”, where he wears a plain white T-shirt. It made the whole world go crazy for it! Also, Elvis Presley was one of the T-shirt promoters. When famous people did enough for the promotion, designers had to move on and use the T-shirts in all the possible ways. After that, a new era begins.

mens t-shirts
Rebel without a cause

In 60’s and 70’s technology provided a possibility for prints on mens T-shirts. Various printed motives made T-shirts more interesting. For example, T-shirts with images of rock bands were extremely popular. Also, T-shirts got a deeper meaning, due to the printed sings on them. Funny signs were also included. Flags, motos, sport clubs logos, messages, you could all have it on your T-shirt.

mens t-shirts
Print T-shirt

Punkabilly, our little retro and rockabilly paradise settled here, also likes the possibilities of a men’s T-shirt. So simple, and yet so versatile, it is always inspirational for us. We bring you a whole magnificent collection of punk and rockabilly T-shirts for men right on these pages. Take a look at these awesome LiquorBrand and Billy Eight models with unusually glowing prints.

mens t-shirts
Punkabilly T-shirt

These mens t-shirts are charged with rockabilly spirit, inspired by all its modes, like psychobilly, and all the related awesomeness, like punk. We like our mens T-shirts loud and clear and we try to send some interesting messages. Signs like “Psychobilly to the bone” and “Hot’n’Rod” are the souls of our mens T-shirts. These simple black and white pieces get their special meaning from many bad ass rockabilly motives like skulls, dices, tattooed girls.

mens t-shirts
Bad ass!

And that’s just a part of our lovely men collection. We’re waiting for you with more great pieces and motives. Also, there’s a cute little collection of rockabilly mens T-shirts for women and you can find it here.

Enjoy your punk life every day and stay rockabilly!

50’s Fashion and Fun

The 50’s had it all – good drinks, good clothes, and great girls. What was it about the 1950’s that make it’s fashion stand the test of time today?

Back in the 50’s, fashion designers have established a recognizable style which was widely accepted then, but it still has a big influence today, as you can see in our pages. Retro clothing is very popular, but it is hard to define which fashion details belong to which decade. We’re here to help you recognize exactly the peachy 50’s style.

Class & elegance were mostly expressed by wearing some swell dresses. Those dresses were usually very colorful and the bottom was all ‘puffy’. As for the lenght, they were usually covering the knees. What’s also common among these fashion hits is the waste line – it was usually made to express women’s curves, especially the hips. There are some simple models, but many of them vere decorated with ribbons or other details. These models have a giant sway in contemporary fashion. One clear example is this wonderful collection.

50's Swell!

Skirts were also very popular. Beside the big puffy ones, women loved the so called ‘pencil skirts’. Those are completely different – they are tight-fitting and simple. 50’s also gave us the ‘poodle skirts’, which are wide and swingy, in bright colors (usually pink or baby blue). Those were popular among the teenage girls. You can check some modern skirts inspired by the vintage fashion right here.

50's poodle skirt
Poodle Skirt

50’s fashion was particulary interesting on the beach. Those vintage swimming suits were practically perfect – made to stress out the best features of the body and hide all the imperfections. What also differes them from the later swimwear are the details, such as ribbons and buttons. Compared to the plain or too complicated contemporary bikinis and swimsuits, these were deffinitely more interesting, more feminine and more comfortable. Luckily, some of the designers make awesome collections as an homage to the 50’s. Here you can explore some of the best 50’s inspired pieces from our web boutique.

50's Fresh!

The accessories were also very specific. One of those accessories is, unfortunately, almost forgotten – it’s the hat. Once it was a neccessary detail, especially in 50’s. There’s no rule about the hats – all kinds of shapes, colors and sizes were gladly worn. Some of them were simple, while the other ones were decorated with different nets or feathers. But it seems that the hats are pretty much the past of the fashion, and today you will probably choose a different accessory to complete your style. Than this is the right collection to begin.

50's Vogue
Goodbye, hats!

Hairstyles also have their 50’s story. The big rule was to keep your hair shipshape. All kinds of pin up hairstyles were what women of 50’s required from their hairdresser. As for the color, it seems that blondes were slightly more popular. Regardless of the color, hair accessories were widely used. The hair ribbons and hairpins were the absolute hits. Many of simillar hair decorations can be found today, and to shorten your wandering, you can find them in this place.

50's hairstyle
50’s hairstyle

There are also some other common motives in 50’s fashion. Polka dots and sailor style are just some of them. What’s important is that vintage spirit is getting stronger, and today, more than half a century later, we can still enjoy the magic of that old fashion. Use that opportunity and enrich your own style!

Vintage swimwear

Vintage swimwear is a major fashion find. These retro style bathing suits and bikini’s were so fashionable back then, they are still making the rounds in top stores today. So where did it all begin?

Vintage swimwear has a long and rich history. Back in the old days, in ancient Rome, people were swimming mostly naked. That’s interesting, but not as interesting as the contrast that came in the following centuries. Back in the day, people were wearing uncomfortable bathing suits with long sleeves, unusual pieces of clothes similar to dresses, impractical for the beach and warm days. It’s all related to the historical circumstances and women’s position in society. It was very scandalous for a woman to show more than her ankles in public, even if it’s the hottest summer ever. That’s why some women have even had lead sewn into their underskirts, to make sure that they will be decent on the beach. But that’s the 18th century we’re talking about. Luckily, all we have today from that era are photos and illustrations.

Vintage swimwear
18th century swimwear

We can skip all those boring phases in fashion history of vintage swimwear and jump into 20th century, when a true swimwear revolution happened. Back in 20’s there was a beauty competition in Atlantic City which included a vintage swimwear contest. But we have waited 25 years more for the first bikini. Yeah, finally, a two piece swimwear! Michelle Bernardini was the first lady photographed in this kind of seductive swimwear.

Vintage swimwear
World’s first bikini

But that was just a small step for bikinis. They were considered too provocative and they were widely accepted ten years later, when Brigitte Bardot showed up in a bikini on a movie poster. That’s when a new swimwear era definitely began.

Vintage swimwear
Brigitte Bardot

Pin up culture and fashion have also done a lot for the bikini history. Retro vintage swimwear from 40’s, 50’s and 60’s are still widely used and vintage lovers can still have a swell and peachy summer in the hottest swimming clothes. Punkabilly clothing brings you a sweet vintage collection of swimwear enriched with rockabilly and pin up spirit. It’s all here in one place.

Vintage swimwear
Pin up swimwear

What makes the retro and pin up swimming suits so special is the classic elegance saturated with fashion permanence. They bring us the summer breeze of a different past. Splashing around at the beach in a retro swimsuit will make you feel like a movie diva. All the famous pin up features are here in this collection. For example, the polka dots:

Vintage swimwear
Polka dots

Another inseparable part of this pin up swimming collection is the sailor style, manifested in navy blue color, stripes, buttons and ribbons.

Vintage swimwear
Sailor Style

As for the rest of our collection, we’re happy to present you some fierce punk rock bikinis with skeletons, the boldest and the craziest combinations on the beach!

Vintage swimwear
Punk bikini

As you can see, we have chosen the best of swimwear history and modified it for the needs of a modern woman. Punk bikinis will make your summer hotter and pin up swimsuits will refresh your days at the beach. They’re made to express the best body curves and celebrate the beauty of a female body. Get ready for the summer in a totally different way, dive into the summer armed with the most elegant pin up and punk rockabilly fashion and just go with the flow!

Pin up hairstyles of the past

For a pinup girl, hair is everything! Top off your rockabilly or sexy pin up girl pose with the perfect pin up hairstyles.

We all know how important hairstyle is. Hairstyle makes us get up earlier in the morning, hairstyle improves our total style and makes our looks defined. Pin up style in fact really depends on the shape and color of your hair. As opposed to the plain modern hairstyles, boring and non creative, there is a whole world of unusual, retro, rocking and shocking ways to make your hair look awesome. There is no unambiguous definition of a pin up hairstyle, but you surely recognize it when you see it. So, let’s check some basic pin up hair characteristics.

1. The magic of blonde hair

Marilyn Monroe – enough said. She is maybe the best explanation how pin up style works on blonde girls. Make it short and curly – it’s a pin up hairstyle in its finest light. What’s most important, blonde hair is great for highlighting the makeup. Flaming red lipstick and black shadow or eyeliner are a pretty good choice with this hairstyle.

Pin up hairstyles: Marilyn Monroe
Marilyn Monroe

2. Dangerous dark hair

Black or other dark shade is also very convenient for emphasizing strong makeup. But pin up hairstyles for dark haired girls ususally require longer hair. You can definitely do a lot with it, for example – you can add some hair accessories, like vintage ribbons or colorful flowers. Here are some suggestions for you. It’s important to make a contrast, so choose something light. Curly details are also desirable.

Pin up hairstyles: Black Magic
Black Magic

3. Flaming red shades

Red shades give you amazing options for pin up hairstyles. Red is the color of passion and it doesn’t matter will you tie it or let it be as it is. Red often becomes washed and reveals your natural color, but you can make it an advantage – try out some detailed hairstyles with a lot of curles, you know – old Hollywood hairstyles. The effect is awesomely shaded hair art.

Pin up hairstyles: Passion color
Passion color

4. The craziest shades on Earth

Blue, pink, green, why not? Now, you have no rules when it comes to this. Wheather you choose one or ten colors, just be creative and show the world how crazy pin up haistyles can be. This is when pin up goes into rockabilly and punk and overcomes all the style conventions.

Pin up hairstyles: Go crazy!
Go crazy!

5. Special mention – fringes

Big and unusual fringes are one of the best known symbols related to the pin up hairstyles. Curly or not, in every color, they make every hairstyle extraordinary. You can also combine them with different hair accessories. It takes time to make a fringe look perfect, but don’t give up this challenge. All the good things require bigger effort and this one is totaly worthy of getting up earlier in the morning.

Pin up hairstyles:

Finally, hairstyle is just one part of the pin up image. To make this detail look perfect, you’ll need a perfect outfit and on this page you can find an interesting dress. To find a perfect bag, visit us here. Of course, you also need a perfect attitude and we’re sure you can find it within you. Enjoy the wonderful retro world and wear your pin up hairstyle as it was a crown.

Rockabilly Bags – Fashion and Accessories

A purse is a woman’s personal safety net. It holds all of her essentials: wallet, credit cards, and her lipstick. Finish off any punk rock look with these Rockabilly Bags.

One of the first fashion rules a girl learns is that her rockabilly bags needs to match the shoes. It’s a classic rule, a good old one, but simple and boring mono-color bags are not your only option. In fact, crazy times call for crazy style. Wild colors, rebellious motives, unusual and original messages… Make way for a brand new & awesome punkabilly accessories collection! We’re happy to introduce you to our fresh category of bags, settled on this page.

Women’s rockabilly bags are considered to be a ‘modern’ invention and they are often stated as a symbol of female emancipation. But bags, purses, pouches etc. actually have a long history. There are some historical proofs that first “handbags” were actually worn by men in prehistory when they were hunting. Later bags were developed like a type of wallets. Bags have actually came a long way to get the status they have today. They were even forbidden for a while, in France in 16th century. In the end of 18th century it finally became a part of women’s fashion.

Grumpy has lost his rockabilly bags
Grumpy has lost his bag

Maybe women don’t always know the whole content of their rockabilly bags, but bags do take an important place in female fashion history and present. The most famous bags ever are “Hermes Kelly”, named after famous actress, princess Grace Kelly, and “Chanel 2,55”.

Rockabilly Bags
Hermes Kelly

Now, enough about classics, and let’s see what rockabilly style did for the bags. All the best symbols like skulls, roses, spiders, tattoo motives, dices and all the rest are now on different models of bags. Our website and Liquor Brand have prepared a variety of shapes and colors, from bigger bowling bags to the smallest cosmetic bags. They’re all trendy, but retro. Simple, but original. And very, very practical.

Rockabilly Bags Rockabilly Bowling Bag
Rockabilly Bowling Bag

Some of these pieces are actually true pieces of art. Pay special attention to our tattoo styled rockabilly pouches – they come in bright colors with very detailed artistic motives and some bad ass messages like “Live fast, die young”. And we’re also specially proud of our canvas totebags with horror artwork.

Rockabilly Bags Graveyard Totebag
Graveyard Totebag

Of course, there is still a lot of pin up style and retro spirit in our collections and the bags can also confirm it. This elegance is an homage to the fashion values of classic rockabilly bags.

Rockabilly Bags Polka Dots Bag
Polka Dots Bag

What retro and rockabilly style also bring you in this collection are animal prints – the famous rocking leopard and zebra motives, made for the wildest fashion games.

Rockabilly Bags Zebra Pouch
Zebra Pouch

And that’s just a part of Punkabilly Kingdom of rockabilly bags. Creative, original and high-quality models will probably quickly grow on you. It doesn’t even matter do they match your shoes, as long as they are so awesome. Find the one that looks like you and don’t be afraid to fall in love. Finally, as one lady said long time ago: “Without a bag I feel like I am naked!”

Punk Rock style – Fashion and History

When it comes to punk rock, there are no rules. Yet, when it comes to punk fashion, we can abstract some style characteristics mutual for many punk lovers.

Punk rock fashion complements punk music and together they make one of the most important and most awesome alternative subcultures ever. Punk rock began to develop in 70’s in USA and UK. It was created in a response to “overinflated” progressive rock full of long solos and guitar exibitions. This fresh rebellious style has brought a simple rhytm – most of the punk songs have only four chords. It has also brought a lot of pure energy, unique way of seeing things, anarchistic ideas and inspiration for challenging authorities. Sex Pistols are considered to be the first punk band, although it can’t be precisely defined. Let’s say punk has simply happened and it’s a minor question who has started it.

Punk comes in many shapes – as punk rock, surf punk, pop punk, ska punk, skate punk, anarcho punk, punkabilly (or psychobilly) etc. All those music styles have made a certain influence on punk fashion. It is amazing how many of the original basic punk symbols maintained up to nowadays and punkers of today still adore that very same rebellious style.

For example, one of the everlasting characteristics of punk rock is a “must have” crazy hairstyle. Some of the punk rock lovers shave their head completely, while others choose the illustruous “Mohawk” hairstyle. Basically, any wild and rebellious hairstyle is punk hairstyle. Striking and bright hair colors (yes: pink, lime green, blue) are also very popular.

"Mohawk" Punk Rock hairstyle
“Mohawk” hairstyle

Another favorite fashion flick in punk rock is the leather. Leather jackets, leather skirts, even leather tights. It’s all often decorated with bunch of studs or other meatal details, like chains or even safety pins. There’s a lot of space for experimenting and creativity and the originality is the only thing that matters. For start, you can check out the some accessories from our recent collection.

Punk Rock Leather

Of course, there are also tattoos and piercings. Often a lot of those. There’s a long punk tradition of putting these permanent signs and decorations on own body. As they say – tattoos and piercings are like drugs – once you try them, you are addicted. It’s all a part of the punk habit to shock – that’s why punk tattoos and piercings are often found on various unusual body parts. Here’s a wide choice of body jewelry and we hope you’ll find some for yourself.

Punk Rock Tattoos & Piercings
Tattoos & Piercings

The details are also very important – details give a personal stamp to every style and make it complete. This rebellious style is very suitable for so many fashion games. You can always add some patches on your old clothes, and this page is full of cool ones. Or, if you want to add a crazy tie to your regular clothing combination, you’ll probably enjoy this fashion line. Really, there are no rules. The only rules are to use your imagination and be rebellious as much as you can.

punk rock!

Finally, it’s not all about fashion and its habits – it is just a base. The rest is up to you, your ideas and attitude. Let your imagination run wild and enjoy the Punk Rock!

Pin Up and Rockabilly Dresses – Pure Elegance

When we think about fashion we definitely think about dresses. Any boutique with dresses can be a paradise for women. But every dress is different and it sends a different message. It’s important to choose the ones which will tell the best stories about you. And, yeah, it seems like dresses are getting more and more featureless. Luckily, retro style can still provide us some inspiration and help us build up our unique and impressive style.

You can’t be wrong in a vintage pin up dress. Those dresses certainly make a woman extremely elegant and classy. It’s not important wheather you are going to an evening cocktail party or you are about to take a simple walk in the afternoon – pin up dresses have the same strong effect. They are sexy and adorable. You can find some interesting models in this swell collection.

Pin up dress
Pin up dress

Yes, they surely bring some retro breeze. It’s actually very romantic. Many girls and women are absolutely in love with old movies, from 40’s or 50’s. Wearing these pin up dresses is like living in a 50’s movie. And the options are endless, you can play with this fashion style as much as you want. For example, Punkabilly Clothing combines cute retro pin up dresses with sailor style, marine motives and similar stuff. It simply makes summer hotter.

Sailor Style Dress
Sailor Style Dress

Nevertheless, one of the most common and most loved motives on pin up dresses are polka dots. They are always popular, always fresh, retro but modern and always so cute.

Polka Dots Forever
Polka Dots Forever

Retro style has also something to offer to the women who prefer a heavier style. Rockabilly! Rockabilly style can also be very elegant and still keep its fierce energy. Skulls, roses, cherries, tattoo motives and spiders look quite awesome when they’re placed on a vintage dress model.

Rockabilly Dress
Rockabilly Dress

Punk rock and rockabilly dress combinations can always be enriched with some cool accessories: bags, earrings or even some punk ties. The crazier – the better! You know that. And the best thing is that you are still a true lady with a perfect dress.

Cherry Pin Up Dress
Cherry Pin Up Dress

Rockabilly dresses often have some crazy prints and animal motives, and leopard is our favorite. To make it more interesting, we’ve painted our leopards in pink, green, red etc. It turned out quite chic and classy.

Leopard Dress
Leopard Dress

In the end, it’s not even important are you a fan of romantic vintage pin up dress models or a fierce punk rockabilly style lover. It’s all retro and it’s all classy. It is very different fashion world than contemporary designing trends – it’s more direct and more daring. It all tells a story about some crazy past times and with some attitude, it can tell a lot about you, too. And it is not just a piece of clothing history – it is a live part of fashion nowadays.

Retro fashion – Why is it still so popular?

Retro fashion is all the rage… still! How is it that these rockabilly and pinup girl styles are still so popular?

Here’s a big fashion question – why retro when we have so many new models and designs? Why 20’s or 50’s when fashion is being updated all the time? What do we need vintage and retro fashion styles for ,when we could wear the latest pieces of clothes? Yes, any woman could rightly ask such questions, but there are many reasons to accept the old school fashion and retro ways. Here are some of them.

1. The Elegance

Contemporary fashion usually counts on endless creativity and estranging style. That’s awesome, but sometimes it’s far from the basic idea of elegance. On the other hand, retro fashion dresses spread the pure spirit od elegance. Why? Because they pefectly underline the best features of woman’s body. Because they’re made to express the beauty and nothing but beauty. Vintage pin up clothes bring you the simplicity, but with a refined style. Not to mention how practical vintage fashion is! Explore this amazing collection and make sure yourself.

Retro Fashion
Vintage dress

2. The Uniqueness

Since so many girls prefer to follow the latest fashion trends no matter what, it leaves you a lot of space to be unique and build up your own style full of something different – retro fashion spirit. Vintage pin up clothes are unique per se, since contemporary fashion often neglects the uniqueness and even makes clothes as uniforms – all the same. If you believe that your clothes can say a lot about you, you’ll probably choose retro style clothing over the latest fashion. Vintage will speak for you and say that you are courageous enough to go beyond the given boundaries of trends. Uniformity or individuality? If you choose the other one, we’re here for you with many awesome ideas.

Retro Fashion
Retro swimsuit

3. Inspiration

If you are a fashion lover and you like to wear trendy clothes, you can still keep the retro fashions current. Many famous designers find their inspiration in 50’s, in pin up style or in rockabilly when they design a new item. Sometimes it’s hard to say is it a piece of the latest collection, or is it something borrowed from vintage pin up clothes from some old wardrobe. Many contemporary designers are very skilled in combining retro with new trend demands. They make some practical clothes, like tops available on this page, but based on classic retro rules. And their vintage inspired clothes are usually as awesome as the original vintage fashion.

Retro Fashion
Vintage style

4. Nostaligia

Nostalgic for the 50’s? I know, I know, I wasn’t even born then! But there are different types of nostalgia, for example, there’s this general human nostalgia for the old times, when everything was slower, more natural, less computerized, when everything was live and not on line. Watching the old movies makes us think how romantic those times were and it makes us wish to feel a piece of those days. That’s when fashion helps us. Imagine how different a day at the beach could be if you go there in a vintage swimsuite (and you’ll easilly find yourself a great one here). You’d probably feel like you’re living a movie while you’re laying under the sunshade and drinking lemonade.

Retro Fashion
Ready for the beach!

5. It’s classic!

Good fashion lasts forever. It simply becomes classic. And what the word “classic” means? It’s derived from the word “classy”. That’s one of the main reasons for choosing the vintage pin up clothes or rockabilly style. Enjoy this eternal fashion!

Retro Fashion

Baby Clothes – A Wonderland of Punk Rock Kids Clothes

Having a child means lots of baby clothes. But hey, just because they’re little doesn’t mean they shouldn’t dress like the punk rocker within!

Having a little kid means you will have sooo many things to explain and teach it. So, maybe baby clothes and fashion isn’t a number one thing on that list. It maybe isn’t an absolute life priority, but it will certainly make things more interesting.

All the big fashion designers keep giving more and more attention to kids clothing. That’s great for the kids. But what’s with the smallest ones? Well, these days babies are also having wide and interesting clothing choices. I guess the era of blue for the boys and pink for the girls is a matter of past. Now, let’s meet a completely different baby fashion style and have a peak into a wonderfull world of punkabilly clothing. Punkabilly clothing shop tries to follow all the rockabilly and punk style fans, so here is a special page only for baby clothes. These clothing pieces are full of rockabilly style spirit, punk style symbols and unique humor. Not to mention the cuteness!

Baby Clothes Skeleton Print Onesie
Skeleton Print Onesie

It’s important to teach your child how to be unique from its first steps. That’s what this category offers – originality and cute rebellion. It brings the usual baby bits in an unusual way. Baby bibs, onesies and jackets are much cooler when you add rockabilly and punk style. And rockabilly and punk style are much cooler when they’re placed on baby clothes. This punkabilly category presents you Six Bunny models with different punk and rockabilly motives, such as tattoos, skeletons, roses, tuxedo prints, leather jacket prints etc. What’s most important is one special ingredient – all the cuteness of the world!

Baby Clothes: Baby Bib
True Love Baby Bib

When it comes to memories, we always like to remember the crazy ones. The best photos are funny ones. That’s what makes this unique baby rockabilly style collection a perfect material for best childhood memories. Your child will always be proud to be so unique and awesome baby. Maybe it will spark the love for punk or rockabilly music – to make the awesomeness double!

Baby Clothes: MY DAD ROCKS Onesie

But let’s leave punk and rockabilly aside and get back to the general kids fashion. Childhood is supposed to be careless and happy time. Fashion seems too serious for those tiny years. But not necessarilly! If we keep things funny and interesting, if we use fashion to make childhood only more cheerful, then it’s perfectly meaningful to include your child, step by step, into the exploring of fashion possibilities. It’s not about the ridiculously expensive things which will soon be overgrown. It’s about sensibly affordable pieces which will become a wonderful childhood memory. Affordability, originality, high quality, rockabilly style, punk style – it’s all on one page and it is waiting for you to fall in love with it!

Baby Clothes - Baby Sailor Jacket
Baby Sailor Jacket

Why delay the making of unique style? Your kid will be grateful for the opportunity to be unusual and special. Developing individuality is very important and you certainly wont be wrong if you help your child to learn it. Good luck with exploring kids fashion and don’t forget that we’re saving much more awesome stuff for you on our pages.

Pinup Models – A career for Beautiful Women

Pinup models have been around for ages. If you’ve ever wondered what the term meant, or why these ladies became so popular, read on.

The term for pinup models was accepted in 40’s, but the history of pinup is much older. It all started in the end of 19th century. In order to attract more audience, burlesque actresses decided to use their sexuality as they pose for the advertisements and posters. It was not only an attractive way of advertizing – it was also an important reason to reassess women’s possibilities in public life. It has also announced pinup fashion and pinup art, which still has a big influence on designers. Some great stuff inspired by that style are available here.
And what does the word pinup means? It reffers to the verb “to be pinned up”, since the photos, posters or calendars of attractive models were usually pinned up to the wall. These photos are also known as cheescake photos and they were always mass produced.

Pinup Models
Old pin up model

Pinup style models were completely different than models from our time. First of all, they weren’t skinny. Healthy body curves were desirable if a girl wanted to become a pinup model. They’ve usually posed in provocative clothes, swimwear, tight and attractive dresses like the ones in this collection, with some sexy accessories like suspenders, fishnet stockings and always on high heels. They also have unusual hairstyle, often with fringes and/or hair scarf. Their make up was strong but simple – usually they would put some red hot lipstick and some black eyeliner. The main characteristics of pinup models from 40’s and 50’s still inspire many girls all over the world, as you could read in our earlier post.

What happened when pinup style became a part of popular culture? Well, there were two main kinds of reactions. Feminists have given their support to pinup models, since they have made an important step for female emancipation. They have contributed to overcoming of shame related to the women’s bodies by expressing its full beauty. The presence of pinup photos and posters made women more present in some spheres of public life. From that point of view, it was very progressive thing. But still, some of the more conservative critics have yelled loudly that pinup style is nothing but pure immorality with all its nakedness and revealing.

Pinup Models
Pin up style art

But here is some trivia about pinup models: some of the soldiers who fought in World War II always carried a photo of their favorite pin up models. They have considered it was their lucky charm. The picture of famous pin up model Betty Grable where she poses in a bathing suite was the most reproducted picture during the World War II. Yes, it’s the same Betty Grable who inspired Hugh Heffner to found Playboy magazine. So, it’s not a miracle that this interesting style still has its followers and admirerers.

No trick and no illusion, pin up style became popular only thanx to the beauty of the models. Some of the most famous pin up girls of all times are probably already familiar to you: Louise Brooks, Gloria Swanson, Joan Crawford, Marlene Dietrich, Mae West, Laurene Bacall, Rita Hayworth, Brigitte Bardot, Marilyn Monroe, Gina Lollobrigida, Kim Novak, Sophia Loren, Bettie Page etc. Famous pin up style models of these days are Heidi van Horne, Dita von Teese, Bernie Dexter and others. If you have a dream to become a pin up model just like them, explore our job offer here.

Pin up style was always an important part of fashion history and pin up girls were always personification of elegant sex appeal, girls with beauty & attitude.

Pinup Models
Betty Grable