How to dress Rockabilly for Fall – Vintage clothes Must-Haves!

How to dress Rockabilly for Fall
Learn how to dress rockabilly for fall weather

Fall is here! That means it’s time to bust out the spiced pumpkin latté, your leather jacket, and start learning how to dress rockabilly for fall.

If you’re a true rockabilly girl then you absolutely love summer. Summer is a great season for showing off your rockabilly clothes, high-waisted vintage shorts, and that fantastic rockabilly swimsuit.

But, if you live *outside* the sunny bubble of LA then you already know there are plenty of things to love about fall! The spicy pumpkin flavored *everything*, the beautiful changing leaves… and not to mention our favorite: the fall fashion. Style comes alive in autumn, with vampy pinup girl red lips, ripped jeans, fabulous rockabilly boots, and amazing rockabilly fashion trends. Want to know how to dress rockabilly for fall?

Rockabilly fall must-haves

If you’re prepared to get serious about your rockabilly fall wardrobe, then here are some of the absolute essentials you’re going to need to create that effortlessly vintage look.

  1. Leggings

If you’re not going to be rocking cigarette pants during the fall, you’re going to want to wear a great pair of rockabilly leggings. Leggings go with everything; they can be paired with a rock ‘n roll leather jacket, sexy tank tops, nautical inspired vintage tops, swing dresses, and more. Leggings are absolutely essential for pinup girls who are trying to transition their outfits. For example, take a swing dress that was perfectly acceptable for summer weather and transition it by wearing some leggings or vintage tights underneath, and a classy cardigan on top. Don’t put your vintage dresses away just because summer’s over!

  1. Warm shirts

Still wondering how to dress rockabilly for fall without losing your sex-appeal? Alright, we know, it’s much more fun to show off a little skin to release your inner pinup girl, but 1950’s rockabilly is sexy even when covered up. Choose classic cardigans that can be tossed over your summer shirts to make a simple transition into fall. Or choose long-sleeved rockabilly shirts, like a fall appropriate sailor sweater to make covering up more fun. Or hey… you could also steal your boyfriend’s rockabilly jacket!

  1. Rockabilly accessories

There are several fashion essentials for how to dress rockabilly, especially for the fall weather. For example, nylons are absolutely essential if you’re going to be rocking that wiggle dress or pencil skirt in the cooler months! Other great items for showing off fall hues of reds, oranges, and yellows, are these great rockabilly hair accessories, and hand-warming gloves! Also remember that during both the 1950’s and today, patterned scarves and combat boots really are a girl’s best friend.

Think you know how to dress rockabilly for fall? Drop us a line or leave us a comment below with your favorite tips for transitioning your wardrobe. Remember: never be afraid to show off your rockabilly style, no matter what the season!

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