Hilarious 1950s ads – Vintage ads showing off questionable thinking

If you thought the rockabilly era of the 50’s was all about music and pinup girls, think again. These 1950s ads show a hilarious/disturbing look into advertising minds of the time!

When you picture the 1950’s, do you get visions of sexy pinup girls, greaser boys, fabulous style, silly sock hops, and couples sharing ice cream floats while the birth of boogie rock and roll plays in the background? Well, that’s one way to look at it. But these 1950’s ads show a different side of life… and you’re not going to like it! If these 1950s ads don’t have you scratching your head or yelling “What were they thinking?!” then we don’t know what will. Without further ado, here are some of our favorite, sexist, and shockingly bad ads from the golden age.

1950s ads
The world’s finest… what exactly? Bra?

Sabrina, nice little thing, demonstrates the world’s finest projection equipment… Her BOOBS! Erm, eh-em, we mean… her Bell & Howell headliner color slide. This 1950’s ad proving once and for all that sex sells, even when it’s being totally sexist! For young or old, candy provides quick energy. Buy some next time you shop! Isn’t that what all mothers love to hear? Yeah, we thought not. Once things for certain, little kids probably rejoiced worldwide when this pro-candy cellophane ad burst onto the scene.

1950's ads
I don’t follow no square man’s rule, get it!

Well… birth control is important? Apparently the best way to appeal to democrats is with sex, right? And don’t forget that a lady in charge of her sexuality and sexual protection is “Soooo… Hot!” PS: don’t forget to use condom’s along with that pill, ladies! Only condom’s protect against STD’s!

1950's ads
Something tells us this isn’t the “kinky” kind of spanking…

Alright, so we’ve all probably had a go at this overly sexist, somewhat violent “spanking” ad. Kind of reminds you of a modern day Dr. Phil episode, no? Regardless. 1950s ads were all meant to sell something, right? Well, according to this ad if your husband ever finds out you’re not store-testing for fresher coffee… apparently he’ll whip you over his knee and give you the spanking of your life. And not in a fun way! That’s why you should be buying the “pressure packed” Chase & Sanborn Coffee… which is hopefully way out of business today.

1950's ads
This is just wrong on so many levels…

Hey Bobby… before mom finds out what we did and get’s us in trouble, let’s encourage her to have a smoke! That’ll calm her down. Yeah… This falls under Babble’s 20 most mind-blowing vintage ads that involve children – and we don’t blame them! Any ad that involves little children and cigarettes is definitely crazy, and definitely not worth printing!


1950's ads
Stay in the kitchen where you belong! Dream of freedom another day.

Hardee’s is no stranger to being horrible advertisers who clearly care not for human rights or about respecting women. So, without further ado, here’s another horrible gem from Hardee’s, depicting how women belong in the kitchen. And if you don’t have a woman to slave over a hot stove for you, let Hardee’s do it, instead!

1950's ads
Words… escape us.

Some of these funny 1950s ads are so ridiculous, they are almost satirical. It’s hard to believe some of this stuff is even real. For example, try and get through this absolute GEM without laughing or becoming enraged!

1950's ads

That’ll show her! Pop on your fabulous record tie and show her it’s a man’s world. After all, isn’t a woman’s place kneeling before you and feeding you breakfast? Of course it is! …Ick! Shame on you, Van Heusen! You have fabulous men’s dress clothes, but terrible 1950s ads!

We hope you enjoyed these hilarious, and hilariously wrong 1950s ads! For more vintage fun, come check out punkabilly-clothing.com!

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