Not so funny Vintage Ads from the 50’s and 60’s

Ads from the 1950’s were truly hilarious… or do we mean terrifying? We’re showing you 6 sexist, awful, and just plain weird hilarious vintage ads.

Vintage ads of the 1950’s and 60’s were gems that would never be run today. This is usually because they were so ragingly sexist, or just plain terrifying. Just wait for melting baby ad – you’ve been warned!

While looking back on these hilarious vintage ads, we hope you appreciate just how far we’ve come in society.

No longer do you have to sew your wife’s head to a rug, or stare at sexually charged toothpaste ads.

Your welcome, society. You’re welcome.

Vintage Ads#1. Mr. Leggs Men’s Slacks

Mr. Leggs men’s slacks ad is possibly one of the most overt sexist ads from the 1950’s/60’s. This ad features a woman’s head attached to a tiger skin rug. The tagline reads ‘It’s nice to have a girl around the house.’ Ick. The message? Men who wear these slacks will become psychotic murderer taxidermists. Or maybe not. The awful message actually says that men who wear these slacks will be superior to women. Maybe try rockabilly men’s clothing, instead?

Vintage Ads

#2. Weird Dentist Ad

This ad features a pin-up girl showing off her assets while a bottle of toothpaste empties itself suggestively. The tagline? “I recommend two squirts a day!” I bet you do, Mr. Dentist. I bet you do.

Vintage Ads

#3. Vintage Coca Cola Ads – Shame on you

It was in the 1950’s that advertising really took off. Propaganda went crazy and the industry truly learned that sex sold big. This ad features a woman showering her bum with sprinkler water because it’s just too hot! She should have had a Coca-Cola instead. Whoops.

Also, wearing heels in wet grass? Bad idea, Coke. Bad idea.

Vintage Ads

#4. Pears’ Soap

This is one of our hilarious vintage ads that is nowhere near hilarious. In fact, it’s horrifying. This soap ad features what clearly looks like a melting baby being scalded by his tipped over bath water. If there was any indication you should keep your children away from this soap brand, this is it.

Vintage Ads

#5. Ironized Yeast to Gain Weight

The 1950’s were truly a strange time for ads. This hilarious vintage ad targets skinny ‘unattractive’ women to take ironized yeast. This yeast will make her grow breasts and become curvy and attractive. You know, allegedly.

Vintage Ads

#6. Gillette Safety Razor

Excuse us while we collect ourselves… from all the screaming we were doing. This is a terrifyingly hilarious vintage ad that features a creepy baby shaving. Apparently, this razor is so safe even your baby can use it. Need we say more?

Did we miss one of your favorite horrible/hilarious vintage ads from days gone by? Leave your favorite vintage ad in the comments below.

One thought on “Not so funny Vintage Ads from the 50’s and 60’s

  1. The toothpaste girl was pretty blatant, but the thing is that most people in that era did not pick up on it. They were not living in a sex obsessed world where instant gratification, notification is the norm.

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