How big was Marilyn Monroe?

Marilyn Monroe Size
Marilyn Monroe’s size was the subject of much debate.

Many mysteries surrounded Marilyn Monroe, from the her death and scandalous affairs to her fluctuating dress size. So once and for all, How big was Marilyn Monroe?

From scandalous love affairs and diva on-screen antics, to her fabulously customized tailored outfits, Marilyn Monroe was arguably the biggest style icon of the 1950’s. Originally born Norma Jean, this vintage vixen quickly made her faux Hollywood name known as Marilyn Monroe. Her legend lives on today as the Blonde Bombshell and one of Hollywood’s hottest “plus-size” women.

From movies to Playboy, this rockabilly vintage starlet was more than anything known for her insatiable curves and full-figured body. The Marilyn Monroe size has plus-size girls everywhere raving about how this gorgeous pinup girl sported a size 16; one of the average sizes for Western women today. But is her “Marilyn Monroe size” myth really true to form?

Marilyn Monroe’s true weight and measurements has been the subject of much debate over the years. The findings? Miss. Monroe was not in fact a size 16 as we know it today. Not even close! So what caused all of the confusion? For starters, the Marilyn Monroe size and sexy hourglass shape has often thrown onlookers off their path.

Marilyn Monroe Size
Though Marilyn Monroe’s Size fluctuated over the years, her confidence in her body never did.

The system of measurement changed drastically in the 1980’s due to the United States Department of Commerce. After this change, all measurements from the 1950’s became incomparable by reference. So while Marilyn Monroe’s measurements may have ranged from a 12-16 (her weight fluctuated frequently, much to her filming dressmakers dismay) back in the 50’s, she was actually a size 6-8 by today’s standards.

What were Marilyn Monroe’s measurements? According to her dressmaker, Marilyn measured a fabulously curvy, yet tiny 35-22-35. Whether her dress size was an 8 or an 18 one thing’s for certain, Marilyn Monroe’s iconic look lives on today as on of the most gorgeous vintage bombshell’s of all time. Want to mimic Marilyn’s gorgeous style? For a night out, choose Punkabilly’s swing dresses. For a day at the beach, find her pin up girl bikini in Punkabilly Clothing’s swimsuit section (and yes… we DO carry plus-sizes!)

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