How to dress like a modern pin up girl

How to dress like a modern pin up girl
How to dress like a pin up girl (…don’t worry, you can wear more clothes than this ginger!)

Pin-up girls have a classic style that’s been copied for decades. Learn how to dress like a modern pin up girl with Punkabilly Clothing.

Pin-up models were named after their ability to have every man across the United States “pinning” their photos to their lockers and work stations. In fact, they were widely popular with both sexes. Men loved them and women wanted to be them. Why? Because they’re classic, confidant beauties with a flirtatious and independent style. This style has women today begging the question of How to dress like a modern pin up girl.

What’s your style?

There were many different styles in the 1940’s and 50’s, even down to today. While different, all of these styles are completely acceptable to the pin-up girl fashion world. Before you can learn how to dress like a pin-up girl, first you’ll need to know which style you want to be. Are you a classic 1950’s girly girl who loves swing dresses and Mary Jane shoes? Are you a sexy Joan Harris from Mad Men in tight fitting wiggle dresses? Do you prefer the high-waisted movement of retro swimwear and shorts? You can easily create your own unique pin-up girl look by browsing through our selections at Punkabilly Clothing.

Brows, red lips, perfect pin-up girl winged liner is all you need to pull of the perfect pin-up girl look. This getting the look is hard? Think again! All you need is your favorite foundation, concealer, brow pencil, bronzer, and that classic cherry red lipstick. Check out Holly Rose’s fabulous easy pin-up girl makeup tutorial and learn how to look fresh in a flash.

Dressing like a pin-up girl is as much about style as it is about hair and makeup. You can’t have one without the other. Rockabilly hair tutorials may seem daunting at first, what with all of the pin-curls, hair swirls, and excessive brushing. We promise, you’ll get the hang of it in no time. This rockabilly hair tutorial is the perfect example of EASY pin-up hair. This 50’s inspired vintage pinup up do is done with a bandanna for that classic, effortless look.

Just because your hair is now styled doesn’t mean it’s done! 1950’s pin-up girls were all about hair accessories. Add an embellishment to your hair to complete your look, such as a headband, hair wrap, or flower pin.

Want to pair a sexy, rockabilly greaser boy with your new pin-up girl style? Get you man in on the action! Come check out Punkabilly’s men’s section for great rockabilly men’s t-shirts, rockabilly men’s jackets, punk rock accessories and more.

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