Pinup girl modeling jobs – How to break into alt modeling

Wondering how to become a professional pinup girl? Here are some ways you can find pinup girl modeling jobs and start your career!

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Learn how to find the perfect pinup girl modeling jobs and show off your Rockabilly talents.

Breaking into the world of pinup girl modeling jobs is tough, and it can be a long road ahead. With passion and determination, you’ll be on your way to a new career in alt modeling. Looking for more pinup girl tips? Here’s 4 ways you can get ready for your life as a pinup model.

  1. Know your stuff. In order to be the most effect pin-up model possible it’s important to study the best. Do you look up to a particular pin-up girl? If so, study her career and learn how she became successful. Study poses, clients accepted and opportunities that were turned down and why.
  2. Get the look. When it comes to alternative or pin-up girl modeling jobs you will notice that all of these girls (and guys!) have a particular look. What look will define you? Perhaps you have a facial beauty mark, outstanding tattoo, or patented pose. Will you be the classic brunette pin-up girl with Bettie Paige bangs? 2015 is the year of lilac hair and other alternative colors, will an alt hair color be your “thing”? Be sure to establish a pin-up girl look before heading out into the world of pin-up modeling.
  3. Learn pin-up girl makeup. Further on the point about, if you want to get into pin-up girl modeling, it’s important to learn the style. Check out YouTube’s extensive collection of pin-up girl makeup and vintage hair tutorials to best conquer the pin-up girl look.
  4. Be confident. Your body is hot, no matter the size. The beauty of alt or pinup girl modeling jobs is that it doesn’t matter what you look like, you’ll be accepted. If your hair is pink, your arms are tattooed, your face is pierced, and your curves are plentiful? All the better. Be confident in who you are and know exactly what you want. Are you willing to do underwear modeling? Bikini modeling? Nude modeling? Make your stipulations now and don’t back down. This is your body and your career.

Do you want to be a famous pin-up model? Getting into the world of alt or pin-up girl modeling can be a long-journey, and Punkabilly wants to help you get there sooner. Male or female, Punkabilly Clothing accepts pin-up girl modeling job submission from all customer’s for our vintage photo gallery.

Rockabilly lovers unite, and get your cameras ready. If you want to add some pin-up girl modeling jobs to your resume, feel free to send in a photo of you wearing one of our rockabilly outfits to be featured on our website, social media, and in various pin-up graphics. Contact Punkabilly Clothing today as a pin-up girl, rockabilly guy, or tattoo model.

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  1. Hi lovely’s I have the look, skill & the determination. I am trying to get noticed so I can get a job modelling as a pinup. Can help get me out there I am happy to send some pics to get me started

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