Pinup Makeup and Rockabilly styles

Beside the unique clothing style, rockabilly culture has its own pinup makeup rules which make it complete and recognizable. Prominent lipstick, emphasized eyes and adorable dolish look give this style a special note.

Pinup girls usually look like their makeup is done by the professionals, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is. When you know the basic rules, you can easily switch your previous makeup style to the glamorous rockabilly/pinup makeup. We have some practical tips for you to help you build up your vintage fashion getup.

1. First of all, you need to keep your skin healthy and implement the adequate care. Healthy skin is beautiful skin. Pinup makeup make you look like a living doll, so the pure skin is desirable. When you have good skin, it’s easy to choose the base makeup. Usually, retro looks imply the pale tan, but it’s not a norm. Choose whatever you think goes best with your natural tan.

pinup makeup
healthy skin – beautiful skin

2. When your base is ready, you can put some blush. But be careful, because sometimes blush can look as exaggeration, especially when your eyes and lips have strong and prominent makeup. After all, as it’s mentioned, pin up mostly implies a pale tan.

pinup makeup

3. Eyebrows are extremely important, since they really visually affect the shape of the face. Rockabilly girls prefer stronger and thicker eyebrows with natural line. You can always boost them with an eyebrow pencil. It’s important to use the color similar to your eyebrows color. Also, if you dye your hair, keep your eyebrow color matched with the hair color. Speaking of hair, you can always decorate it with a hair accessory, and we’re at your service with a splendid retro collection.

pinup makeup

4. When it comes to eyes, pinup makeup comes to the fore. Vintage ladies use a couple of tricks to make eyes specially highlighted. First of all, you can put some light eye-shadow similar to the skin color. Apply it all over the eyelids, up to the eyebrows. You can make it darker right above the eyelashes. Then you can apply the eyeliner. Pencil eyeliner is probably the easiest and the fastest way. Put it along the eyelid and then lift it up aside and you’ll get something like cat eyes. Optionally, you can also use a black shadow and eye pencil. Black mascara can also give you a special effect.

pinup makeup
Pin up eyes

5. Fiery-colored lips are the trademark of pin up makeup. No matter will you choose the flaming red, bright orange, maroon or other color, your lips will draw the most of attention. So, try to choose a high quality lipstick and choose it by your own aspirations. Also, avoid the glossy and take the matte lipsticks.

And your vintage pinup makeup is done!

pinup makeup
Complete makeup

Step by step, you will develop your own variations of this classic pinup makeup model. This practical set of rules is convenient for everyday occasions and for evening happenings, so we’re sure you’ll be happy to try it. But pinup makeup is just the crown of style. To complete the rest of the pin up puzzle, visit us and explore our collection of rockabilly women clothing.

Rockabilly Bags – Fashion and Accessories

A purse is a woman’s personal safety net. It holds all of her essentials: wallet, credit cards, and her lipstick. Finish off any punk rock look with these Rockabilly Bags.

One of the first fashion rules a girl learns is that her rockabilly bags needs to match the shoes. It’s a classic rule, a good old one, but simple and boring mono-color bags are not your only option. In fact, crazy times call for crazy style. Wild colors, rebellious motives, unusual and original messages… Make way for a brand new & awesome punkabilly accessories collection! We’re happy to introduce you to our fresh category of bags, settled on this page.

Women’s rockabilly bags are considered to be a ‘modern’ invention and they are often stated as a symbol of female emancipation. But bags, purses, pouches etc. actually have a long history. There are some historical proofs that first “handbags” were actually worn by men in prehistory when they were hunting. Later bags were developed like a type of wallets. Bags have actually came a long way to get the status they have today. They were even forbidden for a while, in France in 16th century. In the end of 18th century it finally became a part of women’s fashion.

Grumpy has lost his rockabilly bags
Grumpy has lost his bag

Maybe women don’t always know the whole content of their rockabilly bags, but bags do take an important place in female fashion history and present. The most famous bags ever are “Hermes Kelly”, named after famous actress, princess Grace Kelly, and “Chanel 2,55”.

Rockabilly Bags
Hermes Kelly

Now, enough about classics, and let’s see what rockabilly style did for the bags. All the best symbols like skulls, roses, spiders, tattoo motives, dices and all the rest are now on different models of bags. Our website and Liquor Brand have prepared a variety of shapes and colors, from bigger bowling bags to the smallest cosmetic bags. They’re all trendy, but retro. Simple, but original. And very, very practical.

Rockabilly Bags Rockabilly Bowling Bag
Rockabilly Bowling Bag

Some of these pieces are actually true pieces of art. Pay special attention to our tattoo styled rockabilly pouches – they come in bright colors with very detailed artistic motives and some bad ass messages like “Live fast, die young”. And we’re also specially proud of our canvas totebags with horror artwork.

Rockabilly Bags Graveyard Totebag
Graveyard Totebag

Of course, there is still a lot of pin up style and retro spirit in our collections and the bags can also confirm it. This elegance is an homage to the fashion values of classic rockabilly bags.

Rockabilly Bags Polka Dots Bag
Polka Dots Bag

What retro and rockabilly style also bring you in this collection are animal prints – the famous rocking leopard and zebra motives, made for the wildest fashion games.

Rockabilly Bags Zebra Pouch
Zebra Pouch

And that’s just a part of Punkabilly Kingdom of rockabilly bags. Creative, original and high-quality models will probably quickly grow on you. It doesn’t even matter do they match your shoes, as long as they are so awesome. Find the one that looks like you and don’t be afraid to fall in love. Finally, as one lady said long time ago: “Without a bag I feel like I am naked!”

Pinup Models – A career for Beautiful Women

Pinup models have been around for ages. If you’ve ever wondered what the term meant, or why these ladies became so popular, read on.

The term for pinup models was accepted in 40’s, but the history of pinup is much older. It all started in the end of 19th century. In order to attract more audience, burlesque actresses decided to use their sexuality as they pose for the advertisements and posters. It was not only an attractive way of advertizing – it was also an important reason to reassess women’s possibilities in public life. It has also announced pinup fashion and pinup art, which still has a big influence on designers. Some great stuff inspired by that style are available here.
And what does the word pinup means? It reffers to the verb “to be pinned up”, since the photos, posters or calendars of attractive models were usually pinned up to the wall. These photos are also known as cheescake photos and they were always mass produced.

Pinup Models
Old pin up model

Pinup style models were completely different than models from our time. First of all, they weren’t skinny. Healthy body curves were desirable if a girl wanted to become a pinup model. They’ve usually posed in provocative clothes, swimwear, tight and attractive dresses like the ones in this collection, with some sexy accessories like suspenders, fishnet stockings and always on high heels. They also have unusual hairstyle, often with fringes and/or hair scarf. Their make up was strong but simple – usually they would put some red hot lipstick and some black eyeliner. The main characteristics of pinup models from 40’s and 50’s still inspire many girls all over the world, as you could read in our earlier post.

What happened when pinup style became a part of popular culture? Well, there were two main kinds of reactions. Feminists have given their support to pinup models, since they have made an important step for female emancipation. They have contributed to overcoming of shame related to the women’s bodies by expressing its full beauty. The presence of pinup photos and posters made women more present in some spheres of public life. From that point of view, it was very progressive thing. But still, some of the more conservative critics have yelled loudly that pinup style is nothing but pure immorality with all its nakedness and revealing.

Pinup Models
Pin up style art

But here is some trivia about pinup models: some of the soldiers who fought in World War II always carried a photo of their favorite pin up models. They have considered it was their lucky charm. The picture of famous pin up model Betty Grable where she poses in a bathing suite was the most reproducted picture during the World War II. Yes, it’s the same Betty Grable who inspired Hugh Heffner to found Playboy magazine. So, it’s not a miracle that this interesting style still has its followers and admirerers.

No trick and no illusion, pin up style became popular only thanx to the beauty of the models. Some of the most famous pin up girls of all times are probably already familiar to you: Louise Brooks, Gloria Swanson, Joan Crawford, Marlene Dietrich, Mae West, Laurene Bacall, Rita Hayworth, Brigitte Bardot, Marilyn Monroe, Gina Lollobrigida, Kim Novak, Sophia Loren, Bettie Page etc. Famous pin up style models of these days are Heidi van Horne, Dita von Teese, Bernie Dexter and others. If you have a dream to become a pin up model just like them, explore our job offer here.

Pin up style was always an important part of fashion history and pin up girls were always personification of elegant sex appeal, girls with beauty & attitude.

Pinup Models
Betty Grable