Punk Style and Rock Legend Fashion

Punk style has hit everywhere from underground rock legend’s to mainstream pop artists. Here’s what you can learn from the punk rock style.

Ever since it showed up, punk style was very specific when it comes to fashion. But despite many common style features, there are numerous differences between punk fashion lovers. Most famous punkers are an obvious proof for that. Some of them improvise and rely on their creativity, while the others do not even look like punkers. That’s the evidence that punk style emerges from an attitude, not from the fashion magazines. So, let’s get to know the style of the most popular punk musicians.

1. Johnny Rotten and Sid Vicious (Sex Pistols)
As the pioneers of this awesome music, they have also had a big influence in punk fashion. Their style was not less than shocking. They wear a lot of leather on many photos. Also, shredded jeans, mesh shirts, safety pins and a lot of chains – that’s what made their punk style so recognizable. Inspired by their metal accessories, we have prepared a fresh collection of wallet chains for you. Also, their hairstyles were pretty specific and crazy.

punk style
Sex Pistols

2. Patti Smith
This punk lady lets her songs talk about her style instead of her clothes. Her combinations often imply large shirts and thin neckties. Actually, her hair is her most rebellious punk style feature. Long and dark, with specific fringes. Also, she rarely wears makeup. Her overall appearance is absolutely bohemian and artistic. Even though she looks like she doesn’t pay a lot of attention to her image, she has managed to become a kind of punk fashion icon.

punk style
Patti Smith

3. Ramones
This band had many members, but the change of the members has never changed the band’s image. Their style is actually a little bit different from the “regular” punk appearance and they look more like rock stars. Their specifically shaped black hair with fringes gives special charm to their not so specific clothing style, usually consisted of jeans and black leather jackets. As for the details, Ramones were mostly into the leather bracelets. You can check out something similar right here.

punk style

4. Avril Lavigne
Hardcore punk style lovers often deny Avril’s significance for the music, but when it comes to the spreading of punk clothing style among the youngest people, her contribution is undoubted. Her style can easiest be described as skate punk, but that’s not all. There are many features unique for her style, such as checked materials, long striped socks, skeletons printed everywhere, crazy colors in hair and, of course, the unusual neckties. You can find some awesome punk ties right on these pages.

punk style

Many other punk stars have equally interesting style as the listed ones, while the other significant musicians don’t really bother with the style that much. Both ways, punk and its style come from the heart. That’s how we create the collections for our punk rock clothing shop – from the heart, with a lot of love. Explore our pages and build up your own rebellious style. We are sure that you will look like a punk star.

Punk Prejudice – Beating the stereotype

Punk Prejudice exists, and the world of punk music and fashion is no exception. Punk Prejudices made life as a wild-child that much harder. But why?

Every good, strong phenomenon and its style usually has a large veil of steady rumors, widespread views which are often very negative and shallow or superficial labels. Well, most of those aren’t true and they make an artificial constructed darkness around the wonderful world of eternal fashion and unique music, which strongly inspires our collections presented here. When we talk about punk music and culture, it’s hard to avoid all the hard and dark charges. People are easy on delusions when it comes to punk music and fashion. To set loose those ugly myths, we bring you a list of most popular Punk Prejudice and some of the many counter-arguments.

Punk fashion is extremely dark. This punk prejudice is WRONG! It is dark, but not extremely. Actually, colorful details are very common among punk lovers, as you can make sure in this special category. Hair dyed in bright red, green or even pink is also frequent. And not to mention the tartan cloth and other crazy colored combinations. Since punk originates from social dissatisfaction and some dark moods, a little bit of darkness is necessary. But if music was in colors, the vigorous punk chords would be a hard rocking rainbow.

Punk Prejudices
colorful & powerful

Punk artists and fans are drunks and druggies. That’s a hard one and very, very WRONG one. Drug and alcohol abuse status has nothing to do with the music or fashion style. This punk prejudice linking some addicting vice to a certain style and music is just a superficial labeling. Maybe some of the punk stars did end up their lives thanks to the drugs, but it’s not a general rule. Listening to a certain kind of music and wearing certain clothes is not enough to ruin your life with drugs, so blaming punk for it is simply mindless.

Punk Prejudices
Do we count love as a drug?

Punk prejudice: punkers are uneducated bums. Well, when it comes to the education, some of the punk musicians are ready to break the regular oppinion that punkers are stupid. Dexter Holland, the lead singer of The Offspring has and M.S. in molecular biology. Also, Greg Graffin, the lead singer of Bad Religion, actually has a Ph.D. and he was a teacher at the University of California. He is also a straight edge. So, I guess that’s settled then.

Punk Prejudices
smart & punk

Punk lovers are aggressive. This punk prejudice is definitely WRONG. Actually, punk lovers usually expel the excess of energy trough the music or jumping around on the shows. Yeah, a mess can happen, sometimes they put up a fight – but when you are at a punk show, you probably won’t see the whole audience fighting.

Punk Prejudices
Peaceful punks

Well, that’s just a part of a big pile of punk prejudices. It all overshadows the punk fashion and when someone wears the awesome punk clothes, he or she often has to confront some offensive looks in public. Many decades after its outbreak, punk still shocks the majority. Well, even though it is sad that it still causes such reactions and prejudices, its provoking abilities are also its biggest power.

Punk Rock style – Fashion and History

When it comes to punk rock, there are no rules. Yet, when it comes to punk fashion, we can abstract some style characteristics mutual for many punk lovers.

Punk rock fashion complements punk music and together they make one of the most important and most awesome alternative subcultures ever. Punk rock began to develop in 70’s in USA and UK. It was created in a response to “overinflated” progressive rock full of long solos and guitar exibitions. This fresh rebellious style has brought a simple rhytm – most of the punk songs have only four chords. It has also brought a lot of pure energy, unique way of seeing things, anarchistic ideas and inspiration for challenging authorities. Sex Pistols are considered to be the first punk band, although it can’t be precisely defined. Let’s say punk has simply happened and it’s a minor question who has started it.

Punk comes in many shapes – as punk rock, surf punk, pop punk, ska punk, skate punk, anarcho punk, punkabilly (or psychobilly) etc. All those music styles have made a certain influence on punk fashion. It is amazing how many of the original basic punk symbols maintained up to nowadays and punkers of today still adore that very same rebellious style.

For example, one of the everlasting characteristics of punk rock is a “must have” crazy hairstyle. Some of the punk rock lovers shave their head completely, while others choose the illustruous “Mohawk” hairstyle. Basically, any wild and rebellious hairstyle is punk hairstyle. Striking and bright hair colors (yes: pink, lime green, blue) are also very popular.

"Mohawk" Punk Rock hairstyle
“Mohawk” hairstyle

Another favorite fashion flick in punk rock is the leather. Leather jackets, leather skirts, even leather tights. It’s all often decorated with bunch of studs or other meatal details, like chains or even safety pins. There’s a lot of space for experimenting and creativity and the originality is the only thing that matters. For start, you can check out the some accessories from our recent collection.

Punk Rock Leather

Of course, there are also tattoos and piercings. Often a lot of those. There’s a long punk tradition of putting these permanent signs and decorations on own body. As they say – tattoos and piercings are like drugs – once you try them, you are addicted. It’s all a part of the punk habit to shock – that’s why punk tattoos and piercings are often found on various unusual body parts. Here’s a wide choice of body jewelry and we hope you’ll find some for yourself.

Punk Rock Tattoos & Piercings
Tattoos & Piercings

The details are also very important – details give a personal stamp to every style and make it complete. This rebellious style is very suitable for so many fashion games. You can always add some patches on your old clothes, and this page is full of cool ones. Or, if you want to add a crazy tie to your regular clothing combination, you’ll probably enjoy this fashion line. Really, there are no rules. The only rules are to use your imagination and be rebellious as much as you can.

punk rock!

Finally, it’s not all about fashion and its habits – it is just a base. The rest is up to you, your ideas and attitude. Let your imagination run wild and enjoy the Punk Rock!

Baby Clothes – A Wonderland of Punk Rock Kids Clothes

Having a child means lots of baby clothes. But hey, just because they’re little doesn’t mean they shouldn’t dress like the punk rocker within!

Having a little kid means you will have sooo many things to explain and teach it. So, maybe baby clothes and fashion isn’t a number one thing on that list. It maybe isn’t an absolute life priority, but it will certainly make things more interesting.

All the big fashion designers keep giving more and more attention to kids clothing. That’s great for the kids. But what’s with the smallest ones? Well, these days babies are also having wide and interesting clothing choices. I guess the era of blue for the boys and pink for the girls is a matter of past. Now, let’s meet a completely different baby fashion style and have a peak into a wonderfull world of punkabilly clothing. Punkabilly clothing shop tries to follow all the rockabilly and punk style fans, so here is a special page only for baby clothes. These clothing pieces are full of rockabilly style spirit, punk style symbols and unique humor. Not to mention the cuteness!

Baby Clothes Skeleton Print Onesie
Skeleton Print Onesie

It’s important to teach your child how to be unique from its first steps. That’s what this category offers – originality and cute rebellion. It brings the usual baby bits in an unusual way. Baby bibs, onesies and jackets are much cooler when you add rockabilly and punk style. And rockabilly and punk style are much cooler when they’re placed on baby clothes. This punkabilly category presents you Six Bunny models with different punk and rockabilly motives, such as tattoos, skeletons, roses, tuxedo prints, leather jacket prints etc. What’s most important is one special ingredient – all the cuteness of the world!

Baby Clothes: Baby Bib
True Love Baby Bib

When it comes to memories, we always like to remember the crazy ones. The best photos are funny ones. That’s what makes this unique baby rockabilly style collection a perfect material for best childhood memories. Your child will always be proud to be so unique and awesome baby. Maybe it will spark the love for punk or rockabilly music – to make the awesomeness double!

Baby Clothes: MY DAD ROCKS Onesie

But let’s leave punk and rockabilly aside and get back to the general kids fashion. Childhood is supposed to be careless and happy time. Fashion seems too serious for those tiny years. But not necessarilly! If we keep things funny and interesting, if we use fashion to make childhood only more cheerful, then it’s perfectly meaningful to include your child, step by step, into the exploring of fashion possibilities. It’s not about the ridiculously expensive things which will soon be overgrown. It’s about sensibly affordable pieces which will become a wonderful childhood memory. Affordability, originality, high quality, rockabilly style, punk style – it’s all on one page and it is waiting for you to fall in love with it!

Baby Clothes - Baby Sailor Jacket
Baby Sailor Jacket

Why delay the making of unique style? Your kid will be grateful for the opportunity to be unusual and special. Developing individuality is very important and you certainly wont be wrong if you help your child to learn it. Good luck with exploring kids fashion and don’t forget that we’re saving much more awesome stuff for you on our pages.