Not so funny Vintage Ads from the 50’s and 60’s

Ads from the 1950’s were truly hilarious… or do we mean terrifying? We’re showing you 6 sexist, awful, and just plain weird hilarious vintage ads.

Vintage ads of the 1950’s and 60’s were gems that would never be run today. This is usually because they were so ragingly sexist, or just plain terrifying. Just wait for melting baby ad – you’ve been warned!

While looking back on these hilarious vintage ads, we hope you appreciate just how far we’ve come in society.

No longer do you have to sew your wife’s head to a rug, or stare at sexually charged toothpaste ads.

Your welcome, society. You’re welcome.

Vintage Ads#1. Mr. Leggs Men’s Slacks

Mr. Leggs men’s slacks ad is possibly one of the most overt sexist ads from the 1950’s/60’s. This ad features a woman’s head attached to a tiger skin rug. The tagline reads ‘It’s nice to have a girl around the house.’ Ick. The message? Men who wear these slacks will become psychotic murderer taxidermists. Or maybe not. The awful message actually says that men who wear these slacks will be superior to women. Maybe try rockabilly men’s clothing, instead?

Vintage Ads

#2. Weird Dentist Ad

This ad features a pin-up girl showing off her assets while a bottle of toothpaste empties itself suggestively. The tagline? “I recommend two squirts a day!” I bet you do, Mr. Dentist. I bet you do.

Vintage Ads

#3. Vintage Coca Cola Ads – Shame on you

It was in the 1950’s that advertising really took off. Propaganda went crazy and the industry truly learned that sex sold big. This ad features a woman showering her bum with sprinkler water because it’s just too hot! She should have had a Coca-Cola instead. Whoops.

Also, wearing heels in wet grass? Bad idea, Coke. Bad idea.

Vintage Ads

#4. Pears’ Soap

This is one of our hilarious vintage ads that is nowhere near hilarious. In fact, it’s horrifying. This soap ad features what clearly looks like a melting baby being scalded by his tipped over bath water. If there was any indication you should keep your children away from this soap brand, this is it.

Vintage Ads

#5. Ironized Yeast to Gain Weight

The 1950’s were truly a strange time for ads. This hilarious vintage ad targets skinny ‘unattractive’ women to take ironized yeast. This yeast will make her grow breasts and become curvy and attractive. You know, allegedly.

Vintage Ads

#6. Gillette Safety Razor

Excuse us while we collect ourselves… from all the screaming we were doing. This is a terrifyingly hilarious vintage ad that features a creepy baby shaving. Apparently, this razor is so safe even your baby can use it. Need we say more?

Did we miss one of your favorite horrible/hilarious vintage ads from days gone by? Leave your favorite vintage ad in the comments below.

Trending Rockabilly Hair Colors for Fall

Fall is coming and bringing with it spicy hot drinks, sexy black boots, and new hair trends. Here are 4 rockabilly hair colors for fall.

As much as we wish we could rock our pinup bikinis and rockabilly dresses for the rest of the year, there comes a time where you just have to admit it. Summer is coming to an end, but that doesn’t mean the fun is over! Autumn is the center of new fantastic fashion. Think about it. With autumn comes sexy leggings, vampy lipstick, and basically pumpkin spice everything. Did we forget to mention our personal favorite? Rockabilly hair colors for fall! Bright blondes-be-gone for autumn is here and with it comes a host of new and exciting hair colors and styles to get your rockabilly done right.

We are looking at the best rockabilly hair colors for fall.

Rockabilly hair colors for fall

Rose Gold

This shimmery pink hue is still going strong, and we’re officially dubbing rose gold the new rockabilly blonde for fall. This subtle pink toner gives off a metallic finish and looks good on all skin tones. The best part? If you’re digging the rose gold but are ready for a change, you can do a wash out that will only last about 7 washes.

If you’re looking to maintain your rosy locks, buy some red shampoo, treat your hair with olaplex #3, and avoid washing your hair as much as possible. AKA, make dry shampoo your new best friend.

Rockabilly hair colors for fall

Two-Toned Hair

Forget ombre and balayage, two-toned hair is the next big thing for punk and rockabilly girls. This hot hair trend for fall has endless options: black and white, blue and pink, red and black, purple and blue, dark green and lime green. This edgy look is perfect for any punk rock princesses.

Mermaid Hair

Mermaid hair transforms everyday blondes into aquatic goddesses. Usually using a blend of purples, pinks, and blues, this shade is a fun way to play with color and still come off as elegant and sophisticated. This is a great way to spice up your hair this fall. If you’re curious how to achieve this gorgeous pastel look, check out the video above!

Rockabilly hair colors for fall

Ginger with a 60’s twist

Want something edgy with a 60’s rockabilly twist that won’t have you sporting “unnatural” hair or bleaching your locks to heck? This 60’s inspired look features long ginger red hair, a touch of blonde ombre, and a stripe of fashion forward blonde bleached into Bettie Paige bangs. Perfection!

Have you got a hair color for fall that we failed to mention? Leave it in the comments below. Don’t be afraid to spice up your autumn and try out one of these rockabilly hair colors.

The History of Rockabilly Swimsuits and Vintage Bikini’s

Rockabilly Swimsuits
Bettie Page shows off in her polka dot rockabilly bikini

Swimsuit season is soon to be upon us, and rockabilly swimsuits and vintage bikinis are definitely trending! Here’s everything you need to know!

Rockabilly swimsuits and vintage bikinis are definitely making a comeback as trendy beachwear in 2016! Figure flattering high-waisted bottoms and polka-dot tops are all the rage once again. With summer quickly coming upon us we thought we’d take a look as some of our favorite styles, as well as the history of swimsuits throughout the ages.

The first Bikini

Rockabilly Swimsuits
Roman Bathhouse drawings show bikinis were an early fashion choice

Can you believe it wasn’t until the 1800’s that people began heading off to the beach for a surf’s up day in the sun? It was at this time that people began crafting specialized clothing for being in the water – AKA, swimsuits! These were actually dresses worn long to prevent onlookers from seeing any leg. (Oh my!)

That being said, you may think of conservative ‘bathing gowns’ as the first form of swimsuits, but that isn’t so! In fact, Greek and Roman bathhouses offered women swimsuits similar to modern day briefs and bandeaus!

Rockabilly Swimsuits
Rockabilly Swimsuits in the 1960’s show off colorful, feminine designs

Bathing suits slowly began their evolution from bikinis, gowns, bloomers, shorts, and then finally into the one and two-piece suits we know today. One piece, vintage style rockabilly swimsuits as we know them today began in the 1920’s through to the 50’s. These suits hugged the body and flattered women’s natural curves in all the right places.

Rockabilly Bikinis

Rockabilly bikinis began to take functionality to fashion, bringing in elements like sweetheart necklines and fun nautical and floral patterns. Eventually, the two-piece bikini made its way back into circulation (And PS: it was banned in Spain and Italy for being too scandalous!)

Modern Selections of Vintage inspired Bikinis

At Punkabilly Clothing, we carry rockabilly swimwear for all shapes and sizes. Prints like leopard, cherry, floral, and classic polka dot bikinis and vintage one-pieces are all available.

Rockabilly Swimsuit from Punkabilly Clothing
Rockabilly Swimsuit from Punkabilly Clothing

Still on the fence about what rockabilly bikini is right for you? Come check out our selections of universally flattering rockabilly swimsuits and vintage inspired bikinis at!

Rockabilly for men: Everything you need to know

We’re making a comprehensive list of everything rockabilly for men you fellah’s could ever want to. We’re talking hair, fashion, and of course… girls!

Rockabilly for menIf regular men are sexy, rockabilly men are the cream of the crop. Something about that rebel attitude, the motorcycle charm, tattoos, and all of that fantastic rockabilly for men fashion make these rebels without a cause a huge score among the alternative and vintage crowds… However!

Whether you are a man, or you’re with a man we can all agree: sometimes men need a little help, and rockabilly greasers are no exception! They may looks super sleek and rock ‘n roll sexy, but these boys are definitely getting help from somewhere. From girls to clothes to moustaches, we’re looking at everything rockabilly for men.

Rockabilly for menFirst things first…

The absolute first thing you need to know about adopting the rockabilly lifestyle is this: You are never too old to rock. Rockabilly was FOUNDED on music! So no matter what your genre; punk, alternative, rock ‘n roll, classic bluegrass, rockabilly, or hey, even if you’re lovin’ on T-Swift’s new album… rock out! Own your music choices and never hold back from enjoying them openly!

Rockabilly for menRockabilly hairstyles for men

If you’re looking to get into rockabilly styles for men but aren’t sure where to start… try starting with your head! Or your hair, to be more exact. This photo shows 9 popular rockabilly hairstyles for men.

The pompadour hairstyle was extremely popular back in the day, and still serves as a great punk rock look for men today. Note that the cut lines in the illustration shows you exactly where to comb from, and in which direction. Of course there are many alternative hairstyles that go along with the rockabilly culture; Mohawk, fades, etc., but those pictures are some 1950’s favorites that are sure to give your look an immediate pick-me-up!

Still unsure what the heck you’re doing? Take a look at this excellent tutorial by Anchors Hair Co showing you exactly how to style a pompadour, quiff, teddy boy, and other rockabilly men’s hairstyles… only using a blow dryer!

Rockabilly moustaches – Facial Hair Counts

Alright, if you’re not up on all things rockabilly for men then you have no idea how popular beards and moustaches have become! That’s right, let your inner cave man run free (Well, on your face, anyway!) The following illustration shows off some truly sexy styles to shape your man hairs into. For some true punk-rock, rockabilly charm might we suggest the Chin Curtain, the Garibaldi, or the Shaft Beard? These styles are sure to please the pin-up girl of your dreams.

Rockabilly for menHow to tie a tie

Are you one of those punkers who loves the look of a loose tie dangling against your rockabilly t-shirt, but you haven’t a shot in hell at knowing how to tie the thing? This hilariously monotone, British tutorial will show you definitively how to get that sucker tied in 10 seconds or less… and you don’t even have to put it around your neck! Never have your friend tie your accessories again after watching this gem.

Rockabilly for men: Fashion

One of the biggest parts of the rockabilly culture is the clothing, and men are no exception! Whether you’re a fedora wearing greaser, or a punk rockin’ bad boy, here are some essentials you’ll want in your closet: ripped black jeans, studded belts, Chuck Taylor high tops, rock ‘n roll ties, rockabilly t-shirts, and the perfect biker jacket. Rock style is about layering fabrics and textures, so don’t be afraid to play around!

Rockabilly for menWomen

For every sexy pin-up girl, there is a greaser boy to win her heart. Remember this: compliments, respect, fidelity, and humor. We promise, that’s all you need. In the end, when it comes to snagging that pin-up girl of your dreams, we couldn’t think of a better example than the following meme.

There you have it: the comprehensive list of everything “rockabilly for men” that you could ever possibly want to know. Are we missing a key factor in manliness? Let us know in the comments below!

5 Truly Disgusting 1950s Food made with Jello

Ever wished your Jell-O was filled with Tuna? Neither have we! Yet we’re looking 5 of the most truly disgusting 1950s food made with Jello.

1950s foods made with J-E-L-L-OAlright 1950s, you came out with some truly marvelous things in your time: poodle skirts and rockabilly fashion, pin-up girls and burgeoning rock ‘n roll music, and of course who could ignore the civil rights movement? Some things you did not excel at? Cooking. That’s right, the 1950’s was a time for home-cooked meals shared with family, but after looking at these recipes it’s no wonder we evolved into a generation of take out and fast food dining!

1950s foods made with J-E-L-L-OChicken Jell-O Salad

One of the more disturbing 1950s food is this chicken Jell-O concoction. Why? Well the rule of life states that any DINNER that is made in gelatin form is going to be disgusting. Period. This mess calls for 3 chicken breasts (cooked), 1 teaspoon of minced onion, 1/2 cup of olives, 1/2 cup of celery, 1 cup of mayonnaise, some gelatin, and cold water to bind it all together. Stick that baby in a Jello mold and wham, dinner is served! Are you shuddering? Because we definitely are.

1950s foods made with J-E-L-L-OJell-O booze and mashed tomatoes 

Jell-O shots are a pretty common college drink these days, right? Still, mixing booze and Jello will not always result in playful personalities. In fact, we almost guarantee that this disgusting mix of gelatin, tomato juice, green pepper flakes, lemon juice, beef seasoning mix, Worcestershire, and cloves will only leave you doing one thing: vomiting.

1950s foods made with J-E-L-L-OLime Cheese Jell-O Salad

1950’s foods made for curious meals, and we can’t imagine someone wolfing them down with glee. That being said, we can’t imagine anyone eating SPAM but apparently that’s still a thing. We digress. This fruity, cheesy dish is made by using 1 packet of lime Jello, 1 cup of hot water, 3/4 cup of cold water, 2 tablespoons of vinegar, grated onion (of course!), and a cup-o-cottage cheese. Mix, mold, and chill that bad boy up. But wait, you’re not finished yet! Because what goes better with lime Jell-O and cheese than a seafood salad? Mix up your favorite shrimp salad and use it to top this bad-boy off!

1950s foods made with J-E-L-L-OOther Gross Jell-O salads

Head to the neighborhood block party and slip your Jell-O-based-meal over on the counter. Thanks, hun! While we may shudder at the idea, the truth is Jello salads were the staple of “trendy” 1950’s party foods. Some favorite base flavors to use included lime and pineapple. And what do you put inside of it? Whatever your heart desires, apparently! This disgusting photo features olives, possibly shrimp, fruit slices, and cheese, all encased in some lime Jell-O. Mmm, refreshing!

1950s foods made with J-E-L-L-OVeg-All “Pie Plate Salad”

Possibly the most disgusting, gelatinous 1950s foods we came across was this gem: The “Veg-All Pie Plate Salad.” Molded in a pie plate, this entry features a can of soggy mixed vegetables encased in lemon gelatin. That’s right, that’s it folks! The 1950s recipe card suggests serving with a tartar sauce garnish. We shudder.

There you have it, some truly disgusting 1950s food… all made into a gelatinous concoction! Planning a 1950’s party platter for your next get-together? We definitely suggest skipping out on these 1950s Jello favorites and opting for a pizza, instead! Unless you hate your friends and wish for them to choke on tuna crusted Jello. We’re going to go throw up now.


Rockabilly clothing VS pin up, Boho, & psychobilly – The differences!

Rockabilly clothing
Rockabilly Clothing of days gone by.

Have you ever wondered what the difference was between psychobilly, pin up, boho, and rockabilly clothing styles? We have the answers you’re looking for!

What is up with the vintage fashion industry, lately? Have you ever been shopping and seen your favorite vintage store use the terms “Rockabilly”, “Boho”, and “Vintage Pin up” interchangeably when describing their clothes? It’s totally frustrating! When stores start swapping these phrases out for one another it can start to muddle what the definitions of these styles really mean.

Vintage styles fall under a number of different categories, each with its own unique, fun, sexy, and sweet ways to accessorize and even behave when becoming your vintage self. Instead of scratching our heads on virtual checkouts, we’re helping solve this fashion mystery by giving definitive examples of pin up, psychobilly, boho, and rockabilly clothing styles!

What is Vintage Style?

When it comes to saying that your fabulous swag is “Vintage” this usually means that it is somewhere in between 20-100 years old. That’s one old frock! If you’ve ever been to a proper vintage boutique then you well know that these pieces are usually high in price, due to their hefty history. That goes for clothes, and furniture! Some examples of vintage clothing include: pillbox hats, swing dresses, or maillot swimsuits (AKA: those adorable one-pieces!)

Rockabilly clothing
Taylor Swift shows off the perfect example of vintage inspired style.

Vintage Inspired

When garments claim that they are “Vintage Inspired” this usually means they’re brand spankin’ new pieces that are inspired by fashion from the past! These items are usually less expensive than authentic vintage pieces, but still carry a heavy price tag due to their unique designs (Unless you’ve found a fabulously affordable vintage inspired retailer… *Hint, Hint*)

Rockabilly clothing
A prime example of fashion forward, BOHO/hippie styling.

Boho styles

Don’t let anybody fool you: boho style is not representative of rockabilly clothing. Like, at all. Boho, or “Boho-chic” is a style revival from the hippie’liscious 1960’s. This style draws on bohemian inspiration, including: feathers, flowing dresses, florals, strappy sandals, florals, paisley, and a little bit of new-age tie dye. Gypsy jewelry and patchouli may also be your new BFFS.

Rockabilly clothing
Classic pin-up outfit from Dita Von Teese: Sexy wiggle dress.

Pin up girl clothing

Pin up style is like rockabilly’s classy cousin (Think: Dita Von Teese) – Pin Up girl clothing usually veers away from “cute” and usually centers on being consider “classy” or downright “sexy.” If you didn’t know, the term “Pin Up Girl” referred to sexy ladies in print who men used to “pin up” in their lockers, bedrooms, what-have-you. Styles can range anywhere from 1940’s wiggle dresses to lingerie. Pin curls and classic winged liner/red lips are also

Rockabilly clothing
Rockabilly clothing paired at its finest.

Rockabilly Clothing

Rockabilly Clothing has taken that pin up flare and given it a modern edge. Rockabilly is often associated with tattoos, a music genre, Bettie Paige bangs, radical makeup, alternative hair colors, and a ton of piercings. Basically, rockabilly is pin up girl gone alternative. While marrying old-school and modern styles together, rockabilly clothing usually takes its form in classic prints such as: flannel, cherries, skulls and crossbones, polka dots, hearts, Day of the Dead illustrations, and other fun patterns.

Rockabilly clothing
This is a prime example of a great Psychobilly outfit


Unlike rockabilly clothing and pin up styles, Psychobilly is actually a fusion of music; punk, bluegrass, rockabilly, rock ‘n roll, horror punk, and more. Basically: Rockabilly meets Punk. Those carrying on a physical style of “Psychobilly” often take queues from rockabilly clothing, with an extra edge, as pictured above!

There have it, the solid answer to the difference between pin up, psychobilly, boho, and rockabilly clothing and trends! Still feeling confused? Come visit Punkabilly Clothing’s official site to get an even deeper feel for pure, rockabilly styles!

Pin-up girls and the History of Nose Art

Vintage Nose Art Illustration
Vintage Pin-Up Nose Art Illustration

Ever seen a sexy pin-up girl drawn on the side of a plane and wondered: what’s that? This is the history of nose art!

Have you ever seen a fabulously sexy pin up girl painted on the side of a plane, or tank? This was, and remains to be a popular military practice called “Nose Art”. The phrase was coined because initially the painting was drawn onto the “nose” of a plane, or the propeller. While some may think of this art as being representational of the pilot himself, in reality it was the ground crews, and not the aircraft pilot’s themselves who came up with the nose art for their vehicles.

When did it start?

These army illustrations are giant shout-outs to pin-up and rockabilly culture of day’s past. The first recording of nose art was on an Italian “flying boat”, circa 1913. This practice exploded in popularity among German and Italian pilots, and has only further expanded across borders. While largely a military-based practice, nose art has obviously extended to the mass public by today’s standards.

Nose art on the Flying Tigers
Nose art on the Flying Tigers

Popular styles

When nose art began to take off (no pun intended!) the “hip” thing to do was to paint a fearsome mouth at the base of the propeller, almost resembling a jagged shark’s mouth. Surely this would help keep their enemies stunned from afar. Within time other famous art became popularized, such as the “Kicking Mule” or the “Flying Tiger.” However, the sexual aspect of it become more widespread as pin-up girl posters became more popular in the military.


Nose art in 1943, England
Nose art in 1943, England

By the time the World Wars came around, professional civilian artists and ground crews had made a sought-after habit of drawing on their aircrafts. This was around the time the famous nose art: “The Dragon and his Tail” came to be. This was art drawn on a WWII combat plane from an American Pilot. This art features a dragon clasping on to a half-naked woman. Definitely not something you see every day! Soon enough artists were dropping the shark mouth themes and painting gorgeous pin-up women onto the noses and sides of their aircraft units. Hey, if you’re going into battle, you may as well have something pretty to look at!

We hope you enjoyed our brief look into the WW2 trend of “Nose Art!” Stay tuned to our blog for even more rockabilly trivia and fashion tips and take a look at our website for some pinup and vintage clothing.

Rockabilly hair and pin up clothing for Fall

Vintage makeup and Pin Up clothing
Vintage makeup perfect for Fall

Whether dressing up in a rockabilly costume, or headed for a night on the town, we’re looking at sexy rockabilly hair & pin up clothing!

Fall is the time for fashion and clothing – more specifically? Pin up clothing! That’s right, next to Summer, Fall is the biggest style favorite for those loving rockabilly and pin up clothing. Talk about scarves, knee-high boots, and red lips, oh my! We want to take you through an easy, breezy Fall fashion centered around rockabilly styles that are both easy, and cheap to achieve!

Vintage Makeup

Fall makeup is all about that ruby red, vampy lip, and smoldering smoky eyes. What could be better for vintage lovers? Smoky eyes, winged liner, and a dark lip seem to go hand in hand with over-sized scarves, flared rockabilly dresses, trench coats,

Pin up clothing: floral dress for fall
Gorgeous floral dress perfect for Fall

and tall boots. Choose smoky palettes and blend soft and deep browns in an appropriate gradient that compliment your eye shape. For fall lipstick, it seems any shade of berry, deep plum, or crimson will do, but for a perfectly pin up girl lip go for something classic like our pictured red lips (Try Smashbox’s Be Legendary lipstick in Chestnut!)

Fall pin up clothing

Who says you can’t wear dresses in the Autumn?! Part of the reason we love pin up clothing is because it’s so versatile. Take for example Punkabilly Clothing’s gorgeous new vintage inspired tea dress. With its brown back-splash of beautiful floral roses, this classic tea dress flows down into a wide flared, full circle skirt that gives it the perfect vintage feel. This seemingly “Summer” brown and floral dress can easily be transitioned to fall by pairing it with a brown trench, tall boots, opaque leggings, and vintage hair waves. Fabulous fall fashion, anyone?

Easy pin up hair

Short hair is super trendy for fall. Short hair will allow you to show off your mad skills with little tresses and your hair won’t get in the way of your rockabilly scarf! A great example of vintage hair for fall is this Marilyn Monroe hair tutorial done (above) that shows you how to get perfect Marilyn curls in under 5 minutes! This style could not be more on point, or more appropriate for fall weather!

For even more pin up clothing and rockabilly fall accessories, come check out, and get $10 off when you subscribe to our newsletter! Until next time, rockabilly fanatics!



Rockabilly bridesmaids dresses and other pin up wedding dress

Rockabilly bridesmaids dresses
Rockabilly Bridesmaids Lineup

Are you planning a rockabilly wedding? Nothing is more on-trend than having vintage style, rockabilly bridesmaids dresses. We’re showing you how to pull it off!

Whether you’re a bride planning her rockabilly wedding, or are a bridesmaid looking to get out of those notoriously awful bridesmaids dresses, have we got a trend for you: Rockabilly bridesmaids dresses!

Using wiggle dresses, pin up, and flared swing dresses in your bridesmaid’s wardrobe adds an eclectic mix of feminine and rockabilly chic to your wedding line – especially if you mix and match! That’s right, when you go vintage with your wedding it opens up a world of possibilities, all more unique and creative than the last. Check out our collection of vintage inspired pin up wedding dresses and let your bridesmaids breathe a sigh of fashionable relief!

Rockabilly bridesmaids dresses
Mismatched Rockabilly bridesmaids dresses

Mismatched rockabilly bridesmaids dresses

Having mismatches dresses is a huge wedding trend when it comes to your bridesmaids. Gather together vintage pin up wedding dresses with the same color palettes, but in totally different styles! This is a great way to make your bridesmaids show off their individual styles. PS: mismatching shoes and creative pantyhose are also great ways of making your rockabilly wedding that much more unique!

pin up wedding dress
Leopard print pin up wedding dress

Leopard print swing dress

Want something classy and rockabilly for your bridesmaids to wear? This vintage inspired swing dress has it all: a flared skirt showing off that classic 1950’s style, a waist-flattering bow ribbon, a sexy corset back… and have we mentioned its leopard print? If you don’t fall in love with this flirty and flattering rockabilly bridesmaids dress, we’d be absolutely shocked!

Vintage floral rockabilly bridesmaids dresses 

pin up wedding dresses
Vintage floral pin up wedding dresses

Looking for something a little more girly for your big day; less skulls, more flowers? Our vintage tea dress is definitely wedding worthy with its feminine floral and flared skirt. This rockabilly bridesmaids dress has a gorgeous popped collar and over-sized buttons that adds a particularly vintage feel to your lineup. This dress looks stunning with fishnet stockings and a bright pink lip.

pin up wedding dress
Black and pink polka dot pin up wedding dress

Black and pink polka dot wiggle dress

If you’re not afraid of your bridesmaids getting a little sexy, then this black and pink polka-dot wiggle dress is just what you’re looking for. This wiggle dress shows off a halter top strap and a more than flattering, waist-cinching black band around the waist. This wiggle dress flatters all sizes, showing off your bridesmaids curves in all the right places. Make a statement with your rockabilly bridesmaids dresses by giving your girls something sexy to show off in!

Throw bad bridesmaids dresses to the curb and make your vintage wedding a breath of fresh air for your ladies in waiting! Shop our full collection of potential rockabilly bridesmaids dresses and your bridesmaids can thank us later!

Rockabilly and Vintage hairstyles for short hair

Vintage hairstyles for short hair
Short hair, fear not! There’s a rockabilly style just waiting for you.

Do you have a bob, but now you’re itching to do some rockabilly styles? Relax! We’re showing you 5 vintage hairstyles especially for short hair.

Short hair is sleek and sexy, and great for when you’re looking for a drastic hair change. But let’s say you made the chop and now you’re itching to get into some killer vintage hairstyles again. Think you’re left out of the pinup/rockabilly hair club just because you decided to make the chop? Think again! In fact, the majority of the most notorious vintage hair comes from shorter tresses.

That’s right, Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Mae West, Ava Gardner, and countless other famous pin up girls of the 1950’s all sported stylish and sexy chopped tresses. So if you’ve convinced yourself your hair can’t be transformed into vintage magic, we’re here to readjust your thinking! Without further ado, here are some great vintage hairstyles for short hair.

Sculptured Pin Curls for Short Hair

This vintage hair tutorial is one of our absolute favorites. Perfect for short hair, this tutorial shows you how to get classic 1940’s vintage hairstyles using sculpture pincurlers (you’ve probably seen these on Ebay… score!) This in-depth pin curl tutorial shows you what size curler will give you what style of curly hair. Also? Her vintage hairstyle poster in the background is adorbs.

Vintage hairstyles for short, relaxed hair

Vintage hairstyles can work for basically any type of hair, whether you believe it or not. We know there’s going to be some skeptics scoffing at that statement, saying: “I could NEVER get my hair to do that!” But trust us, you can. This is a great example of toning down that hard-to-tame hair into a fabulous vintage hairstyle, perfect for short hair! (View part two HERE)

Victory rolls for short hair

This video shows off exactly how short your hair can be to do classic victory rolls. This video is also a great lesson in how to curl short hair with a flat iron (yes, it’s hard… but it can be done!) This tutorial could not be simpler. Short hair victory rolls in 10 minutes or less? Yes, please!

The perfect Vintage Hairstyles

This mid-length vintage wave tutorial is great for any style or texture of hair. This style can throw back to the flirty 50’s and swinging 60’s a a fun fashionable way to wear your hair. This style works for any personality, whether you’re looking to be a pinup vixen, vintage and sophisticated, or punk-rock rockabilly.

Marilyn Monroe hair using rollers

If you’re a fan of Marilyn Monroe’s classic roller look, then this is the tutorial for you. Whether you’re a bombshell blond, fiery red, sexy brunette, or some other rockabilly-approved flashy hair color, this wet roller tutorial is going to look absolutely amazing on you. This is also a great lesson on how to get vintage hairstyles with rollers, like the ladies used to do!

If you cut a pixie, short bob, or are otherwise in the midst of growing your hair our, never fear, you will always be able to find something cute to do with it! If you’ve tried any of these vintage hairstyles on your chopped locks, come post it on our Facebook wall!